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Today we’re unboxing a raid deck for the World of Warcraft trading card game (TCG). This deck is the Naxxramas raid deck from Upper Deck and was produced in 2009. Let’s see what’s inside. Watch the Heroes of Azeroth Starter Deck unboxing here: Watch the World of Warcraft: Through the Dark Portal Starter Deck […]

The time has come to reveal the cards that I have purchased. Is there any loot? Did the Mount Drop? Watch the full video and series to find out! This is Part 1 of a mini series of the War of The Elements booster packs. There is a total of 47 packs that I purchased. […]

Welcome to another booster pack opening video. In this one we open several Heroes of Azeroth booster packs. The hunt for the loot cards! Let me know how I did by leaving a comment below. Also make sure to thumbs up if you enjoyed it. I appreciate your time, thank you. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 💯 Add me […]

Unboxing War of The Ancients TCG – RARE MOUN DROP – FELDRAKE!! | World of Warcraft Let me know how I did by leaving a comment below. Also make sure to thumbs up if you enjoyed it. I appreciate your time, thank you. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 💯 Add me Online 🐯 Steam: Lucky Tiger 🐯 Battlenet: LuckyTiger#17521 […]

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It’s time for some World of Warcraft Trading Card Game! In this cancelled card game fight we feature the 2006-2013 World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. This scard game based on the popular MMO was very well recieved and many of it’s mechanics were reused for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Subscribe! Follow us on […]

Unboxing: World of Warcraft: Trading Card Game booster pack. To celebrate World of Warcraft 5th expansion pack: Warlords of Draenor and also WoW’s 10th year anniversary, I decided to unbox some WoW TCG cards! Don’t ask my why I’m opening this booster pack in a tree… ▼Follow me on these social meme sites 🍌🍌🍌▼ Facebook […]

World of Warcraft TCG: Naxxramas Treasure Packs! Thank you all for watching! Remember to like and subscribe if you haven’t already done so! ►Youtube Channel ►Facebook ►Instagram ►Magic Card Market

I have been storing these cards. It’s time to showcase them here, and also place in presentation books. They are no longer my hidden treasures. This video is part of the following playlist:

World of Warcraft – We’re Redeeming 7 Ultra Rare and Hard to get WoW Trading Card Game (TCG) Toys! You be the Judge if they are Worth or Not Worth! Click Here to Subscribe: Nerd Parade Discord: Donate to the Cause! Follow on Twitch: Nerd Parade Patreon: Official Nerd Parade […]

World Of Warcraft: Trading Card Game Art Card Set (The Horde) Game: World Of Warcraft: Trading Card Game Author: SilverDarkPhoenix

(Core) Warlock UFS Control Hero – Archimonde, the Defiler (22) Ally 4 Blackfang Tarantula 3 Bazul, Herald of the Fel 3 Thoglos 3 Pygmy Pyramid 3 Commander Ulthok 2 Pygmy Firebreather 2 Void Brute 1 Maazhum 1 Doom Commander Zaakuul (22) Ability 4 Boundless Hellfire 4 Nightfall 3 Life Tap 3 Banish Soul 3 Demonic […]

World Of Warcraft: Trading Card Game Art Card Set ( The Alliance ) Game: World Of Warcraft: Trading Card Game Author: SilverDarkPhoenix

WOW ,TCG ,GOD PACK, Reign of Fire Booster Box. 19 Loot Cards!! First Booster Box Purchased Reign of Fire. Spectral Tiger and Nether Rocket had two mounts per card.

Mitchell (Alliance Night Elf Hunter Aggro) vs Shane (Monster Ally Warlock Control) This was an invitational tournament for the World of Warcraft WoW TCG held on April 20th, 2018 at Stormcrow Games in Lubbock, TX. The format was Core. Top 8 Decklists can be found here: This is a trimmed down version of the […]

*****WARNING: THIS VIDEO MAY CONTAIN STRONG LANGUAGE***** Match between two of my friends, one playing his Horde Warlock and the other playing my Monster Deathknight (hence the little bit of help with the triggers, since he’s not used to the deck). This was recorded at our local game store, with other games going on in […]

World of Warcraft is a phenomenon unto itself, but the video game eventually made its way to the collectible card game market with a giant splash. Let’s see what’s inside the first starter in the CCG series, Heroes of Azeroth, with this episode!

This video shows all TCG loot cards, TCG expansions and ingame items and when they were released.

Of all the dead trading card games I have looked at so far in the series the world of warcraft tcg was by far the closest contender to outlast and compete with magic the gathering Our aim is to be the single largest magic the gathering channel on youtube, with no exceptions. We’re going to […]

My Beautiful Patrons: Positively_Legendary Mathew P Blumenfeld Background Music by Sim Gretina: My Patreon: __________________________________________________________________ FOW Ramadan Video: FOW Easter Video: Is Force of Will Better than Magic the Gathering: __________________________________________________________________ My Book: ie=UTF8&qid=1448210692&sr=8-1&keywords=mental+reality 1st Chapter of Mental Reality: My DeviantArt: My Tumblr: My Twitter: […]

I loved YuGiOh while growing up but when I decided to try and get competitive in the card game, my experience wasn’t so great. I try to discuss what the cause is behind the YuGiOh community has gone downhill. ____________________________________________________________________ ✦My Beautiful Patrons: BigNCollectibles ChinkySaya Graham Kitchenka Devon dvorzsak ____________________________________________________________________ ✦CHECK OUT AETHER’S USURPER: […]

ASMR Unboxing: World of Warcraft TCG: Betrayal of the Guardian – Epic Collection ▼Follow me on these social meme sites 🍌🍌🍌▼ Facebook ▻ Twitter ▻ Spotify ▻ Twitch ▻ SoundCloud ▻ DeviantArt ▻ Vine ▻ Snapchat ▻ mairoutv IG ▻ @mairoutv Travel back in time with the Timewalkers […]

My first unboxing video! Unboxing of one booster box of the Warcraft TCG Reign of Fire set. With all the videos of Spectral Tiger drops and god packs, it’s important that there are videos like this one to bring us wide-eyed collectors back down to earth. I realize I’m a huge noob to the TCG. […]

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