Actual Play – FFG’s Legend of the Five Rings RPG – Beginner Game – Session 1

Tonight, we take Fantasy Flight Games’ newest RPG, Legend of the Five Rings, out for a spin!

Return to the Emerald Empire with us for this test run of a new narrative-based game of supernatural samurai drama!

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Dan Alfaro says:

Take a look at Discrod. You can access to a dice roller for Genesys/SW/L5R. It works really good, and it works in chat mode, so both the GM and players can see the rolls in real time. The bot dice roller is called D1-C3. You can access it through the FFG forums, and you need to create/have a server to use it, or ask the owner of a server you belong to to “invite” the bot to the server to be able to use it.
I hope it helps.

Chadwick Ginther says:

Aw, damn, I wish I could’ve joined in. Looks like the game is going to be fun! Also curious if that Mantis samurai was actually in the module, or if that was all you.

Christopher Bedford says:

Been working my way through the core rules. I’m super pumped to run a solo Ronin campaign for my roommate. The idea being he will travel Rokugan and I will introduce him to the setting little by little. I’m planning to make a pile of NPCs over the next few days.

jimmifett says:

I’ve had the beginner box sitting around for a month, going to have to give it a play

Solomon Barber says:

Played the beginner game with a couple friends. We found figuring out which skills and approaches to use the hardest to figure out. Both players said they love the theme, but found the combat boring. That may be because it’s pretty dumbed down vs. the Core Rulebook, not alot of techniques.

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