Battle for Rokugan Review – with Zee Garcia

Zee takes a look at this new game of conflict and honor set in the world of Legend of the Five Rings.

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King Xerocole says:

This seems like L5R without the beautiful character art to go along with the highly simplistic “bigger number wins” style of combat. I wish it had miniatures and more three dimensional components to make the board really pop.

Nicholas Hayes says:

I generally have a hard time understanding the rules for FFG games.  I know Zee says it’s not very difficult.  Anyone else agree or disagree?  Why or why not?

Ben Foster says:

Just impulse bought this after seeing it for the first time in a store. Love the practicality of chits over minis in these types of games. Dig the cheaper price and smaller box too!

Manus Noble says:

Zee’s reviews are, for me, the only ones that give intelligent, well thought out views on the game. Well spoken and interesting – good stuff

Mr Noodle says:

When i love the five rings lore
And i also love dice tower
But scorpion =/= crab feelsbadman

Jk love u giys

808notsogreat says:

I loves my Rokugan but I feel like Ticket to Ride had a baby with Risk here. Still gonna get it :p

Boardgame Fan Girl says:

So want to get either this game or Ethnos for my kid. Which is better? I am NOT looking for a heavy area control game. Also no to Small World. Thanks.

Ian Noble says:

Nice to hear that it works well across multiple player counts. Unlike Game of Thrones which really works best at the top end.

dorpth says:

This is one of those “Games that Need One Change” instances. The game is fun enough but the secret objective aspect sucks…so…hard. If you thought the secret objectives were imbalanced in Twilight Imperium, you haven’t seen anything yet. In BfR, you can get dealt a secret and fulfill it DURING SETUP. “Occupy your starting capital”. Are you kidding me? The points for the secret objectives often form an entire 30% of your final score.

I can testify to the fact that the game is MUCH improved if you just remove the secret objectives entirely and play without them.

Brett Petersen says:

it looks like Rising Sun lite

Amy Wright says:

Anyone able to speak to whether this game works well with just 2 players or not? Thanks.

Lachlan Smith says:

Tom could learn a bit from Zee’s reviews! Very well done 🙂

Tommy Clay says:

Zee, would this game be better with minis?

Rex1987 says:

can anyone recommend any other games like this? strategy games set in feudal japan?

Kiwi King says:

thx zee

John Reynolds says:

Does this play well with just 2?

Jake Kamps says:

The backdrop must be the Dice Tower studio, or Tom’s because I know Zee doesn’t care for Galaxy Trucker behind him.

Sebastien Zander says:

I suspect that pastel colours are not colour blind friendly; i struggled to tell some apart. Could they not be different terrains or show the clan symbol throughout?

Alexander Hedblom says:

8:13 forward he says that territory cards are returned to the board and can be won again over and over. Neither is true, they are never used again.

Vince Blake says:

How does it compare to Knizia’s Samurai?

Oren Douek says:

And just behind Zee, getting free publicity, is his number 1 overrated game of all time, Galaxy Trucker 😉

Tuyangtudai says:

Molly Glover and Tom Jolly should marry than we had a Molly Jolly

Gnarrkhaz says:

I’ve seen people in the comments that say Rising Sun has diplomacy while this does not. How so? It seems to me that the whole game (Battle for Rokugan) is built around the idea of diplomacy and negotiation.

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