BRTD Roleplay – Legend of the Five Rings: Session 1 Part 1

A new game for Roleplaying Night, Legend of the Five Rings, set in a fantasy kingdom of Rokugan.

Rokugan is a vast Empire whose history, myths, and culture draw heavily upon the real-life history and culture of ancient and medieval Asia, primarily Japan but also including China and Korea, among others. It is a land where samurai, honorable servants of the Divine Emperor, wage war and forge peace in the name of their lords. It is a land where mighty Great Clans, each comprised of multiple ancient families, work together and against one another in hopes of accomplishing their political and military agendas. It is a land where valiant warriors, or bushi, struggle to win the day for their clans on the field of battle. It is a land where pious shugenja priests offer prayers to the multitude of Fortunes in hopes of achieving the blessings of Heaven for their lands. It is a land where courtier politicians wage an endless war of words, seeking any possible advantage for their clans. Rokugan is an Empire of honor and glory, of strife and adventure, of horror and mystery.


Zachary Hagey says:

Who was the GM for the campaign?

Papawolfe says:

What site or program are you using in this just out of curiosity?

Andrés Prochnik says:

One interesting thing about skills when they started asking about “Courtier” skill: The GM can allow the skill to be based on different characteristics, if the action would be more suited for that particular characteristic instead.

For example: Medicine is usually based on Inteligence since you are trying to perform a medical action or determine if you possess certain medical knowledge. However, if you are guessing wether someone is trying to hide a sickness or not, you will go for Medicine / Perception
When you try to determine if someone was killed by a katana or a wakizashi, you can use Kenjutsu / Intelligence, since your training in that kind of weapon might give you clues on how it deals damage.

This mechanic is something I really enjoy about the game, making a skill useful in different situations, based on different characteristics. So being trained in Etiquette will help you act properly in a discussion (awareness), help you keep your On against intimidation (will), seeing through false etiquette (perception), or knowing specific rules in certain courts (intelligence).

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