Crane Clan Preview | Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game

Designer Nate French joins us for a thematic and mechanical overview of the Crane Clan, one of the Great Clans featured in the new Legend of the Five Rings card game by Fantasy Flight Games!

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Esteban Hoogma says:

Can’t wait to see the rest! Very curious about Unicorn.

Barry Sheppard says:

Loving your L5R coverage so far. Keep up the good work!

Wesu Maru says:

Need a bloodsword for my limited duels bby

solarmacharius says:

Thanks for the video. French looks like he’s expecting SWAT to push his shit in at any minute. Shifty.

Drudenfusz says:

I like what FFG has done with my clan, looking forward to play them!

Koiring says:

That outro delighted my ears!

King Tiddles says:

Love this! Keep the L5R content coming!
Also love the editing in the outro:)

Brian Sain says:

Crane Clan! I can’t wait! I have played L5R back when it 1st came out Imperial Edition and Shadowlands Expansion. I took some time off and played here and there. I was excited when I saw the announcement when FFG took over. I have enjoyed the LCG concept versus the randomized packs of the CCG. I have played Star Wars: LCG, and Lord of the Rings: LCG, and Game of thrones 2nd Ed: LCG. I also am interested in Lion and Crab!

gdragon56 says:

I wonder if this was filmed. during star wars worlds champs? if So does that mean we will see a video for each clan?

Cannon8X says:

Humm as someone who has played crane in every version of the game, I wouldn’t say they are “straight forward” and without tricks.
That’s sorta their thing out smarting people with honorable tactics.

Terrell Allen says:

I’m really thinking about playing this game now.

Jan Talpa says:


Woody says:

here ist a Card that gives you +4 on one of the two Base stats in this Game….”wow that’s wild” 😉 Most Basic Card and Seen in every other Game. very powerful though. Love your contend. cant wait to buy this Game.

MrSuckeragi says:

this is the clan i was hoping to get into. never played l5r before, but sure excited to play soon.

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