FFG Legend of the 5 Rings RPG Beginner Box: First Impression

I grabbed the beginner box for the new L5R game from Fantasy Flight Games while I was at Gen Con and thought I would open it up and show people what they will be getting next week when it hits normal distribution.



@c30f$p@d3z says:

The whole scene for that piece is just awesome.

I’m hearing there was some scoring of the Witcher RPG from Talsorian at Gencon as well, which I’m quite eager to sample.

Lars Rolfon says:

ffg should of passed on L5R, this game is gonna bomb, L5R had its days.

SilverKeyMan says:

I’m surprised that this is the only review I can find on the box set. Is nobody else interested in this?

Test3891 says:

Looks rad to me. FFG is on fire!

Fantastic Dimensions says:

Overall it looks quality. I might actually even try to play it sometime!

Ser Jeremy says:

thanks for the vid! helped med make a decision wether to buy it or not 🙂

DarkLucian88 says:

$30? I pre ordered online from them and spent like $53. lol that stings.

Philip says:

awe !

God Emperor Leto II says:

This box reminded me of the D&D 4e box due to the tokens. Lol

I’d like to hear what makes this different from the other editions rule-wise.

ThuleanPerspective says:

Thanks for the video. Not a fan of pre-gen characters, but these look pretty well made. The tutorial concept is really cool.

Jason Kirkner says:

Thanks for the vid on this….will probably go ahead and grab this one. What were the new books from LotFP?

Hiroshi Matsu says:

Thanks for showing 🙂 I have a new thing for my wishlist

The Wolf Den 808 says:

good stuff

DMT Tabletop Gaming says:

Fookin narrative dice, whoever thought these silly iconography dice are a good idea.

Pretty pictures though.

Quest Wise says:

Love it! I’ve been a fan of L5R for a long time and I am really excited for its combination with this dice mechanic! Thank you, dude!

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