Garibay On FFG’s Legends of the Five Rings – Challenging the Entire TRPG Industry on Custom Dice


Spayce Goblin says:

Fyi FFG’s L5R is the 5th edition of the game technically speaking, even though FFG isn’t calling it by an edition number at all.

nabegg says:

Thanks Scott. Another interesting take on the industry. Not a big Legend of the Five Rings fan but I recognize the importance of it and the custom dice on the table top roll playing industry. However, with regard to D&D 6th edition custom dice, aren’t the dice we use at our gaming tables already custom dice? Dungeon and Dragon brought polyhedral dice to our tables 40 years ago. They are the original custom dice. Before playing D&D, the six sided die was the only die I knew of. I understand the idea of custom symbols but I don’t see that as a fit for D&D. In my mind, the dice are the original sacred cow. Still, it is a curious idea.

Glenn Griffin says:

Hey, just discovered your channel. I like the format you have of driving and discussing a topic. I recently purchased the LFR RPG products. I’ve never played any previous edition of LFR but I am drawn to the art style & presentation FFG has for the licence.
I’ve also taken an interest recently in their Arkham products and Call of Cthulhu in general. If you have any opinions about that setting/games I’d like to hear them in a future video. Thanks.

David Nusse says:

After playing FFG’s Star Wars rpg, I actually strongly dislike their Genesys narrative dice. Of the 5 TRPGs I’ve invested in heavily, 2 have custom dice which I dont mind at all. I’m just happy L5R isnt using the same system as Genesys.

Auston Lopez says:

FFG’s first narrative dice system started with the Warhammer Fantasy Role Play 3ed they made.

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