How To Play Legend of the Five Rings LCG

How to play the Legend of the Five Rings LCG (L5R) from Fantasy Flight Games

Current Clan Roles:

Rules Reference and other game material:


“Mountain Emperor” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Maui Chris says:

nice work Ben! really appreciate the hard work put in for this tutorial

Hugo Nadin says:

Les sous-titres en FR sont disponibles !

BIG BOSS says:


does the game come with bad ass glass counters like the original?

probably fucking not

Shoes off says:

Great video. I’ll watch it again.

LastingSilence says:

So hyped for this game!

Martin Krissel says:

Great work. Thank you Sir!

thedornishman says:

Great overview !!

Andrew Summers says:

this is great, very clear explinations

devin says:

One question. You mentioned you need to “gain” to win by honor. I thought it was reach 25 honor? I could be wrong though

Shoes off says:

When is this being released?

Matt Swayze says:

Personally this seems a lot more convoluted. I would have rather had them just merge the two turns to speed up the game and use the old rules.

ZUR13L says:

Great job; thanks!

TechPorkChop says:

Dam so confusing. I left the ccg after gold edition

Raj Singh says:

excellent job. This is a good intro / how to play tutorial.

Lugh Ildanach says:

I’ve waited a video like this. Thanks a lot!

Tupinamba77 says:

Excellent explanation. Thank you very much!

charmtrap says:

Very nice video.
This game seems maybe a little needlessly complicated, but I’m looking forward to a new PVP LCG since my beloved WH Conquest went down.

Steve Mcgillivray says:

Thanks for that. Really helpful video.

poi000 says:

Great stuff, thanks!

shamgar86 says:

That was a lot of work! Thank ya much!

Rashad Madison says:

really good do you have other break downs?

World of Warpaint says:

So much going on in this game. I love the theme but seems too complicated.
I don’t like the fate token mechanic which forces you to discard characters without fate on them. Maybe it’s a good idea, I’m not seeing it. I never played the original but I don’t think that mechanic was in it.
May sit on the fence for awhile like I did with Netrunner.

Battlemind says:

Love it. Great work!

Raven says:

Great vid, man! However, for future vids you might want to cut out the long breaths.

XswamplordX says:

Best tutorial video I’ve seen yet for a game

Sergio Frazier says:

Wow, this is excellent! Good job sir.

Austen Anderson says:

Great video! Thanks for uploading

Scott Margrif says:

Very Well Done!

gurtana says:

This is a great video and very clearly explained. I shall be referencing this once I get the core box. And I shall link this video to my friends that end up getting the game too.

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