How to Play Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game

Tune in to the Legend of the Five Rings: the Card Game live stream on Game the Game Wednesday November 15th at 4pm PT on or

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polo freeze says:

R u aloy? where aloy?

Subb2kSurvivor says:

i wish Gingers had souls instead of cuteness. Maybe souls and cuteness!

Robert Clopton says:

i wish you would play some real board games, dear.

Felix Read says:

Did she mention revealing provinces on attacking it, and the fact you have to break 3 to get to attack the opponents stronghold?

Stuka87 says:

Keep it up, I like these!

CGKase says:

If you haven’t, get Wil to play Godforsaken Scavengers with some people. Please.

PorkusPie says:

This channel has gone so downhill… Now it’s just full of advertisements for boardgames and projectalpha.

Melih Küskü says:

I really liked the host.

Machine Noise says:

100% cringe

TzarNicco says:


Joshzwa Revilla says:

what happend to tabletop

tymbrimi0 says:

Great energy and excellent editing. Always a good watch, especially since you keep it concise!

Greg Horton says:

it’s good to see game tutorials for 22 year old games……

chris hartmann says:

People still play L5R?

DMStraylight says:

Sitting here watching an ADHD Starfleet Medical officer fail at balancing adorkable and informative made me realize I had no idea why I’m still subbed to G&S.

I used to enjoy something on this channel, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was.

Meh. Oh well.

Spawnie1989 says:

I have such a crush on Becca.

Jessica Trautman says:

This would have been SO much better on Tabletop with Will Wheaton.

I mean even as someone who played a little of the CCG that this game is based off of, which is different even from this version, I am rather lost BEFORE I even hit the end.

BlueJay Beautie says:

Um… in the descript, it says the game will be streamed Last Week
1st) I watched that stream and it definitely was not, it was the Thing
2nd) how do we catch a stream that happened in the past

Aaron M says:

I have some L5R cards I don’t use anymore. If you would like, I can send them your way!

Nulled Envoid says:

Oh shit did they bring this game back from the dead?

Erez Amir says:

How did they not get Matt Colville for this

Darryl Smith says:

That is one sexy nerd. Only second to Felicia Day

Andrew Summers says:

Great game with a great history. The new iteration is very well done

Morteningo says:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand unsubbed

Le Turtle says:

This channel is fuckin laughable. This chick and Satine ruined GnS. What tf happened with you lot, instead of being allied with us, you shunned us and promote for only those who line your pockets. 4.99 a month and binge to your wat? 5-6 shows that nearly 80%+ of us arent intrested in?

Please leave Youtube, we dont want you here anymore and id be damned to see another alpha ad i wont dislike and spread this message on.

RanwulfMaxwell says:

Uh…is the Live stream going to be in the past? Or is it going to be on November 18th?

C.Wallace says:


CovertMuffin1 says:

L5R roleplaying campaign is also insanely fun!

MrHuntersnapp says:

I used to play this years ago, Emperor Edition to be exact. A really fun game, just not a big community at all unfortunately. I enjoyed it as much, if not more than MTG, and I used to play that at a competitive level until a few years ago

Art Ford says:

tldr: FF spent years redoing the game to a different system as the AEG ccg, but ended up keeping almost the exact same rules with a few things to make it easier to be a deck building game.

Ian Roper says:

Lol. Tune in on November 8th. Published on November 14th. GG.

thejessta says:


oodyswe says:

Thank you for toning down the crazy! Now I can concentrate more on what you are actually saying. This is much better!

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