How To Play Legend of the Five Rings: The Living Card Game

Our tutorial for Fantasy Flight Games’ new Legend of the Five Rings Living Card Game, featuring Brad Andres – one of its designers! The only demo straight from the hotel lobby at GenCon 2017!



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BIG BOSS says:


no bad ass glass gems like the original?
fuck thatttttttttt

Lee Hodgson says:

Looks like lots going on . Im hoping FFG puts up one of their nice , polished tutorial videos like Conquest and Netrunner . This looks like I may do one core set to play and disguard the other packs … but I have thought that about most LCG’s…sigh

Robert Brimer says:

I played L5R years ago. I enjoyed it at times, but table glut would take over and the game would always end up with one big battle that decided everything. I feel Netrunner was far more elegant before it got the FFG faction treatment. I think FFG’s licensing money would have been better spent buying VtES as others have suggested. Of course they probably would have messed that one up as well with a rules re-write instead of a straight up rerelease(preferably with the exact same rule set and card backs….)

fathedchef says:

Looks awesome thx guys

Luft Waffles says:

At around the 20min mark the left hand player didnt defend, bowed the attacker. However they didnt lose honour for not defending? Ie: 11 h to 10 h.


Off-The-Cuff Gaming says:

Absolutely superb. Really pleased to see you guys having a demo in a quieter area.

This strikes me as GoT meets Netrunner. Some delightful complexity but without the brutality of GoT. Really excited, especially if the store championship events go down a thematic road.

David Roberts says:

When the Storyteller left play, couldn’t Zach have been able to draw 2 cards, since the Storyteller gives Sincerity to each character and Zach was removing 2 characters from play? Or did I misunderstand?

Ryan Hammond says:

So why is it that honor is only lost once for someone not defending? Other rules were not used throughout the video as well. I am thinking that we need a new how to in order to fully understand how and why the rules work this way.

DrugsForRobots says:

Now we just need FFG to revamp VTES and give it the LCG treatment… FFG pls!

Fearior says:

Look bad, i’m not gonna buy this game.

Sai Fujiwara says:

There were lots of undefended conflicts. Every time you don’t defend you loose one honor. Shouldn’t your honor be as low as the one of an oni singing reggeaton?

Carlos Eduardo Saldanha says:

Too bad they (FFG) ruined such an unique and good game… I was planning a GenCon trip until FFG announced this version of Thrones of Rokugan and totally lost the interest I had in this game.

I wasn’t so loyal on the original L5R because of it’s Collectible aspect and the porting to the Living aspect of it made such a huge boost in my gaming interests for 2k17, but then they showed this… this port of game, a lame game, filled with dials and gimmicks and tokens… too bad for my Rokugan itch but good for my wallet.

At least FFG announced two good boardgames this year.

Christopher Munoz says:

Did they forget to take and lose one honor at 20min in ?

36min wouldn’t Spies at Court still be able to be played, just not dishonor the friendly but still discard 2 cards at random from opponents hand? Or it can’t be played because of the – (dash) symbol symbolize that the first part of this text needs to happen to be able to be played?

Jason Hamner says:

Another f-ing dial.

GreenTeaExtract says:

Beautiful art design on this game. Thanks for previewing it.

Andrew Stewart says:

Too much stuff going on for me. Just doesn’t feel elegant.

kradrol says:

you loose honor if you don’t defend? did you mention that before they started?

Flaven80 says:

HEY! lets make another crappy card game based off a popular IP! NOTHING can possibly go wrong…

Nurgleprobe says:

So how excited are you guys for the game now when you tried it? 🙂
I was very hyped when it was first announced, a bit uncertain when I saw all the moving pieces during the reveal articles, but after learning the rules and getting a better understanding of it; I’m back to super hyped! Especially with the way they are handeling competetive play for this one, with clans and players taking the forefront. <3

Reno Mellow says:

I played L5R years ago from first editon to jade… this is now a lot too complicated to be fun…

Leo Ross says:

Original L5R was super complex, this looks great and less complex but its always gonna be complex for L5R by definition. 😉
I thought sepon guardsman can’t initiate a challenge??

NintenDad says:

I want to love this game, and I hope I do when I eventually play. I love the theme, and the card art is outstanding. But it seems to me there are too many widgets and tokens and complications that could keep this game from catching on. I hope I’m wrong.

T Hollins says:

Looks really good. It’s a card game that plays like a board game. The art is fantastic!

UnfortunateFreakNo1 says:

So… are these games essentially just 3 rounds long?

Glivirlin says:

At 12 minutes mark. Isn’t Asahina already “Sincere” so he doesn’t need to be honored to draw that card?

King Tiddles says:

Ouch, sleeveless!

Kristian Rother says:

A lot of things happening. It will be pretty hard to get new gamers into this I think. The art helps but it’ll be tough. On the flip side this seems like it might reward skill more than any LCG I’ve seen so far.

ZooAnthony says:

Can’t wait to put my hands on it ! Great video guys.

Hypoo says:

I am concerned that I am gonna love playing this game but I will suck at it.

Great video however! I like a lot of the gamedesign choices made here, like the incentives of choosing first and second player, and the gaining of fate from passing. And that static income from your stronghold is so much nicer, avoiding the old “I have no mana cause no lands were drawn” problem from MtG.

trlongwell says:

On the first turn, Steven made a huge mistake. He could have used the Lion’s Pride Brawler’s ability to bow the Careful Scout. The ability doesn’t require the target be participating in the conflict.

Cody Weaver says:

Do you guys think that FFG will ever pick up any other extinct CCGs and turn them into LCGs? I would love to see a Battletech LCG or a 7th Sea LCG, Harry Potter LCG and dare I say, a doomtown LCG? I think these older games that have followings would make a great IP to buy or an IP to license.

twitchster77 says:

Man, I’m LOVING the complexity of this game.

How close is this to the TCG?

Callistheneitus says:

quick q: when the province is broken at 21:10 should the character on top of it have been discarded?

Tor Iver Wilhelmsen says:

At 18:00, shouldn’t the defender play actions first?

Jodie Brandt says:

I can’t wait to get my hands on this, beautiful game!

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