Is L5R the Next Big Game? | The Covenant Cast – Episode 7

We dissect the newest living card game, Legend of the Five Rings, and voice our predictions for its success or failure. Zach shares his experiences at Star Wars Celebration and the Coruscant Open, and everyone suggests potential “gateways” into non-Euro games.

Zach’s Star Wars Celebration wrap up: 14:34
Main Topic: 23:55
Q&A: 53:03

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killerbeardhawk will says:

thanks for the shout out! hope you like the card.

JEGranberg says:

I think it would be interesting to study the evolution of FFG’s card games, as it looks like features from older games are modified and refined into future games. I’m seeing some similarities between Warhammer Invasion and Warhammer Conquest and how they impact L5R mechanics.

jac02874 says:

anyone know if you will need to buy two core sets for this game?

Rogue Shadow says:

Love the Arkham token set, great job!

specter156 says:

Will Team Covenant be making custom tokens for this game?

Mark Skinner says:

I remember Mutant League. It was such a weird cartoon.

peter VANDEN BOSSCHE says:

What i would love to see is some more content on Netrunner..and not just matches or unboxing of new datapacks (please also do this)…but rather regular updates on what the meta is like, and breakdowns of the popular deckbuilds…maybe even get to interview the players that came up with these builds and let them explain how they got their idea’s…Another thing i would love to see are tips and tricks on deckbuilding in ANR, but also in other games you guys are into, like Destiny, X-wing, Star Wars LCG, Arkham..etc…Keep up the good work guys, I really love the youtube channel ! greetz from Belgium, Europe ! By the guys really got me pumped with the latest vid on L5R…i can’t wait to have it in my hands !..and Steven, so cool you love Belgian Beer !

Somatose Boy says:

Thanks for a great podcast on L5R. As a veteran of the old game, I am exciting about this new. I love the new art direction, and intrigued by the new game mechanics. I hope this is the ‘next big game.’

The last question of the podcast was great also. I do lots of board game demos, and my approach to teaching them is not to flood the new player with every action in the game, but to get the basic turn sequence covered, and run through a couple of turns, then start introducing more of the complexity.

At a recent convention, someone asked if I fill in on a Terraform Mars game. I went about it with my usual teaching style, but one players was clearly vexed that I had not covered every minute detail of the actions that he could take.

Thankfully, I convinced him to just follow along with me (I never get too cutthroat when teaching a game) and it paid off. At about the halfway point of the game, I could see it all clicked with him, and at the end of the game, he was ready to play again. More importantly, he understood why I had taught the game the way that I had.

Instinctive says:

I’m an A:NR player who got off the train when the Faust/Mumbad NPE hit. I love the concept of L5R, but I fear cards like Sifr show that FFG will continue to sacrifice sound card economics for “cool”. Do you have any insight about how this will shake out in L5R?

Kevin Lester says:

Has anyone talked about how it being an LCG will affect the clans’ strength? For example, will they release a big box Dragon Clan and then everyone else will have to wait their turn for their clan’s influx of cards to hit?

zooscientist1 says:

New dude has same beard and haircut as old dude. Haven’t seen TC vid in a year or what.

Ryan Smith says:

On the topic of making all of these mechanics seem fluid, I think what would help would be having multiple games that each fold in more rules. The first would be giving you a basic idea of how to play, and the subsequent games would fold in the more nuanced rules.

Khayman77 says:

I wish they stuck with the core mechanics of the original game. It has one of the best systems of any card game. AEG just squandered it’s success.

Mathew Manders says:

One name: Toku

Jwrazmo says:

Team Covenent, when looking through your videos on your page it’s very hard to see which ones I’ve finished and which ones I haven’t. Theres usually a little red and grey progress bar under the icon of a video but since you have a red watermark on your newer videos the I cant tell which ones I have watched or how far I got into them.

babydragonteeth says:

Great episode about what could be a great new game. One small point: at 30:32, the flower in the top left corner is a cherry blossom (sakura), not a lotus.

Ryan Smith says:

THANK YOU FOR BOOKMARKING TOPICS!! One of my pet peeves about hour+ videos that do not bookmark topics.

David Vejil says:

Steven, I love Quantum, right there with you bro. I actually used it to hook a friend into gaming.

Spoonfunk says:

greatest swordsman = Kakita Toshimoko

Zach McCollough says:

I’ve never played the CCG L5R but just about everything I hear about this game sounds a lot like Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn. The bright art style is similar and the whole story driven tournament style seems to mirror what’s going on with Ashes War Within tournament structure. Outside of that, the factions structure is different for obvious reasons and combat seems way more complex but I’ll definitely have to demo this before I jump in. I love Ashes because of how easy it it to teach new people vs something like Netrunner with two completely different ways to even play the game (runner vs corporation) and I’m hoping L5R has a more friendly entry barrier like Ashes.

Trung says:

24:35 To start the relevant stuff.

Harrison P says:

L5R starts at 24:00

Daniel Flynn says:

Uh-oh, I think Steven will be in trouble; suggesting there cannot be too much complexity or too many mechanics, otherwise the game might not be explainable to the wife.

Just kidding, I absolutely know that is not what you meant, it just sounded funny and conjured images of wives saying “Oh no he didn’t!” Great video!!

Bash 717 says:

I love your content! Do you have any plans to do more ashes: rise of the phoenixborn content?

edit: Oh wow… did not expect ashes to come up in the q and a. Hopefully ashes does get back to a good place with all these new decks and dice. Only time will tell… Side note: birds are awesome

Kenny Graham says:

The Covenant Cast is great! I think it is the best content you are putting out right now!

Adam Letourneau says:

Nice job once again, gentlemen. Having never played the original L5R, I’m rather excited for this game. The theme and story seem very interesting, and I wholeheartedly agree that the game looks beautiful already. I also like the idea of having multiple win conditions and very varied paths to victory. It should make for some really deep strategic play provided the mechanics come together well. Definitely looking forward to it.

Top marks…keep up the good work.

Andrew Fisher says:

I remember people saying that Netrunner would be too complicated for it to be really successful but it ended up over coming that barrier.

Game Talker says:

I love that you guys keep touching on this “digital vs. analog experience” discussion. A topic that has greatly intrigued me for some time now. I feel I can commiserate with Johnathan’s emotional tribulation from the exploration of the existential aspects of storytelling, games, our passions and obsessions. Never took the opportunity to try L5R before though somewhat familiar with Rokugan as a campaign setting. Looking forward to trying it out in LCG format. In regards to it’s mechanics I believe multitudinous elements, if structured well, should equal complexity but not complication. Just because something is complex doesn’t mean it is or should be complicated. Complexity in this instance is hopefully simply indicative of an intriguing depth experienced through various subtle and/or not so subtle nuances. Love these cov-casts, keep em’ coming guys.

Kevin Crooks says:

Glad to know you’re not going to have supply shortages for L5R. I jumped on those Core Set pre-orders because of the ongiong MM Destiny debacle. Of course I trust you guys more from my Arkham subscriptions, but still.

Question for the next podcast: how do you introduce someone to a game? Even if the theme interests them, non-gamers might be put off by the complexity of tabletop games compared to standards like Dominion or Catan.

KAM1138a says:

Quantum is such an underrated game.

Alex Furcinito says:

The title of the video says episode 6.

King Tiddles says:

‘We’re just having pancakes dude’ <- that got me

MrSuckeragi says:

darnit, got sidetracked by that editing video on suicide squad, just had to look it up and yeah its enjoyable…. ok darnit now sidetracked by the mention of this “gamers” movie… you guys and your references >_< . why do people quit and stop playing a game forever? when it stops feeling fun i guess. 😛

Spoonfunk says:

Its so strange when I hear people talk about how having two decks and multiple win conditions is complicated…Played l5r for virtually my entire life other games seem overly simple…just weird the perspective difference.

Ben Lyons says:

Never heard of L5R before, but the art and theme of it looks right up my alley, so i will probably get into it

Gabriel Caban says:

How bad is it that you mentioned this Gamers 3 movie…I pause this video and went to watch that.

Dont worry, I came back =)

chrichdrewchrisryan says:

Whats your advice to someone who has a distant dream of opening a gamestore?

Balky Butakomus says:

#askcovenant is tabletop too PC?

Chad Stilson says:

You mentioned offering Star Wars Destiny Awakenings Saga Sets soon, Will you be offering the Spirit of Rebellion Saga Sets too? If not, why? Thanks guys! #askcovenant

GMA says:

You lost to a man who’s bringing Trioculus to X-Wing, feel no shame.

TheAcad3mic says:

I’ve only watched up to the 11:46 bit where you’re selling your prescription service, and this is the first video of this I’ve seen, but just a bit of honest professional feedback, when you’re directing that stuff at the camera, look at us, gentleman on the right. it connects with the audience better and feels less strange. it’s like you’re telling the others about your cool service and not us.

just saying =]

Wesu Maru says:

Thumbed down for the sexist SJW bullshit at 33:00

Brian Paasch says:


Jasper Pollet says:

And thanks for the answer guys! Going to look into it. We do like weird and creepy! Love you, proud of you, keep it going!

Noname Nobody says:

Me: oh look, there answering my eps. 1 question.

Christopher Detlef says:

Just preordered from you guys. This game sounds awesome…I was looking at Doomtown Reloaded before I happened upon this

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