L5R Beta Dojo: Basics

L5R Beta Rules:

Starting a new series for a new version of L5R, more videos to come fougin on all aspects of the new Fantasy Flight Game Legend of the Five Rings RPG.


JCinLapel says:

From what I understand it is a complete reboot to scorpion clan cue which was the prequel set of the ccg that explained how the Clan Wars started. In the authorized fiction Bayushi Shoju is the scorpion champion. He was dead already in Imperial scorpion was exiled to the burning sands. The other major changes are Doji Hotori is female in this and is still being pursued by Bayushi Kachiko just like the original lore. Also, the Phoenix clan champion is Shiba Tsukune which was originally Isawa Tadakas yojimbo until the Phoenix civil war at the end of the second day of thunder. My best suggestion for reference mats go back to the original first edition RPG core book and the way books for reference or let me know this is the time period I was playing the ccg almost daily and we could not get enough of the RPG

Jimbo Hawkins says:

The timeline has been rolled back to before the Second Day of Thunder. The beta states that the Hantei is the Emperor, and the office of the Jade Champion has been vacant for years.

James Bowkett says:

Was looking for someone to explain the new rules thanks, L5R my fav system

D4N1CU5 says:

Just subscribed for your upcoming L5R content.

I will quibble a little with your comment that the SW narrative dice make the GM irrelevant. I GM for a group of players with limited RPG experience and I find that it takes a lot of the “creative load” off to allow me to focus on doing the other stuff that you need the GM for i.e. tell the story, direct events etc. So, my players suggest an interpretation of their own rolls (I do mine) and I approve it or have a counter suggestion, I find that it makes everyone a lot more involved in what’s going on and they often come up with things I never would that keeps the combat interesting (so it’s not just: “you hit a steam pipe, add a black die to the enemy” for the third time in a row.)

Anyway, looking forward to a character creation walkthrough if that’s something you haven’t considered doing.

martthesling says:

Are opportunities a separate automatic pool you spend?

Drudenfusz says:

Kitsuki and Kitsune are two different families, guess you got there confused.

Kensei Dojo says:

when is the 5thEd rulebook coming out?

Brian Rosenberger says:

I’m also a huge fan of L5R and likewise have all editions. I love that FF has rolled back the timeline to pre Scorpion Clan coup . I am not a fan of having to buy new dice . I will be giving the new system a try but to me it will be hard to beat 4th editions system . I usually just play using a pre coup or clan wars era and with 4th editions era neutral that its easy. All in all I am so glad that FF kept things moving for L5R rpg

Kenneth Centers says:

Thanks for the video and breakdown. Like yourself I’m a huge L5R fan, I’m sure anyone watching this might be as well…But, I digress. I likewise found the new material to be a fresh take on an otherwise stagnant system. I appreciate the modern take on letting the narrative determine the mechanics and the streamlining of the Stat blocks. I’m really looking forward to playing/running and also seeing your games play out.

Kensei Dojo says:

a pity one has to buy the dice app to simply play the beta
i know and i will print my templates and glue them and bla

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