[L5R] Let’s Make A Character!

Trying out new Legend of the Five Rings content on the channel. In this video, we run down the basic 20 questions and create a character for Fantasy Flight Games’ edition of the L5R RPG. We’ll outline every step both from a narrative and mechanical aspect, and kind of walk through how we make decisions for the character and what maybe a player or GM should look out for to make good decisions, and more.

Finished Character Sheet:

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David Nusse says:

Thank you so much for making this video. Good L5R 5e content is hard to find.

JCinLapel says:

One thing I like all my players to do is to figure out what elemental personality your character fits in best with and go 3 in that ring. That way you get a little easier time when making rolls in your normal flow of play. I have each player pick a bushido virtue they agree with and one they dont the compare that to the clan virtues to see if they align or define your clan. Some times it more is an outlier on what virtue you respect in that your clan doesn’t. Like in your case I would have had you reject the dragons minimalist life style gaining commerce that way not taking the honor but gaining the glory. I have also played a Scorpion jujsin this is a scorpion that honors sincerity he was an magistrate and lived life without a mask but keep a fan at all times

JCinLapel says:

Katana have a special place in Japanese culture if you are not given one in starting gear your not warrior cast. This gives you some rights that warriors dont like having a yojombo (bodyguard) or being able to call on a representative for a duel pick well tho you take the consequences of the dual even to the point of dishonorable statues or death. If you take a katana it is the physical part of your soul and getting it taken or will at best cause you to a major honor loss at worse get you dishonored or be used as a way for people to magically effect you

JCinLapel says:

Cool character. The reason why a lot of characters start a 49 honor is because you are a child of a land holder 50 is generally when your honor gets the notice of other clans and the emperor. This lets you fall on your face a little while flying under the radar of thing that will fallow you threw life

Broderick Engelhard says:

Good video- except its KIT-SU-KI not KIT-SKI , just Fyi!

JCinLapel says:

I am not sure if you are aware of this the reason money isnt an issue is you are on the lords koku. Minor things you but asked most will be given. Also being samurai cast means that most commoner will willingly give you most anything asked.

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