L5R – Way of the Rings Event – Unicorn vs. Crab

The Way of the Rings event was a casual tournament that allowed players the opportunity to win extended-art versions of Clan Champion cards in this 3-core plus released dynasty packs event.

Fellow VTTV commentator Sungho Lee sleeves up his Unicorn deck to face up against the indomitable Crab piloted by Julian Hunt. Is Moto Juro the savior Unicorn has been waiting for?

NOTE: Due to audio issues, we join this match in progress, 5 minutes in.

Commentary by Travis and Victor

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Pablo Torres jr says:

Where can I get one of those dials to keep track of both players political/military strengths?

Froilan Flores says:

Kisada shouldn’t have turn off if there was no winner on the conflict as there was no loser.

Elavion Dremorill says:

Those activation status cards are awful. Not only are they unneccessary (I’ve yet to forget if I used a card ability on a given turn, nor heard of that happen to anyone), they’re also very similar to honor/dishonor cards. It might be better up close, but if it’s not I’d ask my opponent not to use them.

Daniel Reidel says:

at 21:31, the first move of moto juro into the conflict should have been cancelled by hida kisada, since it was the first action during the conflict. therefore, he should have spent the second move action on moto juro to bring him into conflict – and could not move him out later. which would have resolved in a total different outcome of the conflict.

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