Learning L5R | Advanced Deck Building Guide

Our followup to the Basic Deck Building Guide, which covers the more advanced considerations in L5R and deckbuilding in general – including the Influence mechanic!

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Winter Wind says:

Thank you so much ! I live in Rome (Italy) and I always watch your videos. I appreciate your project and the ideas behind it. I hope I’ll have the opportunity to meet you in person one day (maybe during one of the GenCons). All the best ! Alessandro

Graham Hindle says:

I need that Lion Clan video 😉 Keep up the great videos guys!

Scott Petersen says:

I picked up 2 sets of this 90% influenced by your videos! bit.ly/watchzerpes

Kaiya Morgulis says:

Great update to the learning L5R series! 😀 I’m definitely going to do the slip of paper comparison trick! Previously I just marked what I wasn’t using, but then still had issues trying to put something new into its place. A lot of this information is great, even if you don’t play L5R. I’d love to see these sorts of videos for other games you cover, or how to get into a game that’s long standing instead of brand new, like you mention at the end!

Charlie P says:

Very interesting video. I think you should make another gameplay video with Steven using this deck against Unicorn! Keep up the fantastic work!

Aurelius Noble says:

Was just about to ask if you could do this 🙂

Philip Karas says:

One of the best pieces of deck building advice I’ve received is this. Continue to draw opening hands from your deck until you’ve burned through all the cards. For each hand you draw judge if it’s worth keeping or mulligan it, placing each hand into it prospective pile and drawing again. If you have more mulligans then kept hands your deck needs tweaking. Since the mulligan rules in L5R let you draw individual cards instead of entire hands you could tweak this method by marking the cards you mulligan, maybe with a piece of paper in the card sleeve. If the marked cards are continually being passed over consider why that is and possibly replace them. I think this would work well for both the dynasty and conflict decks.

Dydra says:

Do a Video on the Toshi Ranbo Season structure for OP.

It’s stupidly complicated …. You have Koteis, Grand Koteis and Other tournaments … some earn points, some earn duble … there are 3 different kind of points … then Winter Court is hosted in the leading clan …. WTF?! Could you make it more complicated?

cartoon80s90s says:

I think I have said this in every video I have watched, but the art in this game is just gorgeous. I don’t know if I’ll find players to play against where I live, but I consider getting a core set just so I can have the cards in my hand and admire the art for hours. It is sad and annoying that FFG has not released high res images of each art piece (unless I missed it). Thankfully I have you and your awesome videos showing them, so I can take a quick screenshot.

NileSings says:

So excited for tomorrow!! Thank you for this!!

Bojan Prakljacic says:

Don’t listen to apricot guy, he didn’t won one game so far…

Simon Swan says:

An unexpected treat! Thanks TC!

blizzardfire000 says:

Can you add fate to characters being brought out using cards like Charge or Cavalry Reserves?

Brian Tynan says:

Steward of Law prevents someone going from neutral to dishonored. It does not stop going from Honored to Neutral. Important to remember when using pride cards.

AWB OQM says:

A conflict-based deck with low cost creatures would be interesting.

Kevin Crooks says:

This is an amazing video series. You guys are getting me back into excitement for this game! the community definitely comes off as super intense and competitive, but you’re definitely showing a more low-key, casual, friendly way to approach the game, and that’s pretty much all I’m interested in.

Emmjay says:

I still want to see them play a game and not do the “optimized” or “best” thing, but the fun “all out” thing. How crazy can a conflict get?

Mark Slayton says:

New to L5R card game here (been playing the RPG for years). I wanted to say thank you guys not just for the content of these videos, which is excellent, but also for the high production values you guys show. It’s easy to throw something mediocre up on the internet, but you guys put work and polish into these videos, and it’s hugely evident.

Sam Smith says:

Great video guys thank you 🙂

Michael Gee says:

I’m loving this conversation!

Marino Santirso says:

Played my first game with Crane against Lion. It took us 4 hours, each breaking only two provinces XD But the game is awesome, and watching your videos helped out a lot when running through the first turns. I’m officially hooked to your stuff, so keep up the great job ^_^ Cheers from Spain!

final Destiny says:

Love deck building find it very interesting to see how other people approach this process, be awesome to see more deckbuilding videos in the future 🙂 great job guy’s keep them coming!

DziobatyDziobak says:

Ou, yeah! Magic paper trick is so awesome, you tricky shugenja 😀

Ivan Stanchev says:

Lion vs Unicorn, please..! 🙂

I have a question:
Each Shugenja character, has an “element” key word, however, their effects don’t seem to be related to the ring of the given elements.
What is the purpose of the element there? Does it have an effect on its own?

Gamba Gaming says:

Really amazing video with great tips!

David Roberts says:

For a card like Captive Audience, if you have already done a military challenge, can you then initiate a political challenge when it comes back around to you and then switch that political challenge back to a military, even tho you’ve already done a military challenge?

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