Learning L5R | Core Set Deck Building Guide

Join us for a quick deck building tutorial that explains how we built our first decks from three (or fewer) Legend of the Five Rings Core Sets. This method is designed to get you playing as soon as possible so that you can explore L5R and then revisit deck building later with a greater understanding of the game.

Fantasy Flight Games has relaunched Legend of the Five Rings as a living card game (lcg), and it is a very deep system. Our Learning L5R series is designed to help new players overcome that feeling of being overwhelmed, replacing it with the confidence and understanding that leads to a truly enjoyable L5R experience.

Learning L5R: A Guide For New Players – https://goo.gl/7AvyXN

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Metodi Nikolaev says:

Great introductory Vid guys …. makes me question if I should go ahead with my plan to release clan specific videos in similar time format 5-10min T_T 😀

Mat Mem says:

I really hope Fu Leng and the Shadowlands deck makes an appearance.

Adam Pogatshnik says:

is Team Covenant going to cast L5R tourneys eventually? I would love that!

Shawn W says:

Three core set appears to be the recommendation for deck crafting with a friend or ye’old local game store. 
Does that mean four sets if all players are in a single household?
Six sets could be grounds for a divorce

Michael Gee says:

Men, I feel so appreciative for your coverage of L5R! Thank you! Ride or Die Crab for Life!

Trenton Ladler says:

A friend and I are trying to see if we are both going to get into the game. Is there a way to do example decks like the ones in the book for Crane and Lion for the other clans without causing a need for multiple core sets?

The Night says:

So in order to get 3 of each of my clan cards I need to buy 3 core sets? That’s kinda b.s.. I was expecting to buy the core set and be able to build 2 legal decks for my friend and I. And with the cards that come in the box there isn’t enough to build 2 legal decks if you need 40 in both Dynasty and Conflict.

coprographia says:


Clare Walker says:

Guys, I hope you don’t mind a quick rules clarification question here in the comments about the deck building video, but you mentioned Charge as an important card to include because it allows you to move a character from one of your provinces into play, directly into a conflict, and it sounds like it only costs 1 fate. Is that right? No matter what the moved character’s fate cost is? If so, that IS an amazing card! Or do you still have to pay the fate cost of that character when you use the Charge card?

Brian Downs says:

What is splashing?

cosmicmousse says:

What comes in the core set? Can I make a legal deck with just one set?

Peter Stalker says:

What are the “Role” cards used for? I notice that you don’t go over these in this video or in your Learning L5R games…

eddrocks2 says:

Having to buy 3 core sets for the full immersion of the game is a joke. FFG love to run there prices up and come out with more and more to buy. While it is great that X-wing and other games like netrunner have a HUGE amount of different pieces and cards it becomes too much to be able to keep up with the game and i think puts people off getting into the game.

With that said this looks like an amazing game and i love these run downs you guys do of games and things, especially the ashes ones; hope you cover the expansions soon, love what you guys do and love the content, wish there was more gaming in my area available

Xx_Illuminati_Cobblestone_xX says:

Did not make sense, did not help. Much sad

Off-The-Cuff Gaming says:

Great stuff guys, so pleased for the L5R content – can’t wait for more!

moptasticable says:

Is there a better way to really get into this game other than buying three copies of the Core Set? Seems like a waste, especially if I just want to focus on one clan to start out.

eRBe says:

Love that game! 😀 Great video! 😀

Kyle Freeze says:

So, I am really excited about New L5R and at first I subscribed to the Core Set and the Pack Subscription, then I realized that I would need 3 Core set to really build a variety of Decks. So, then I preceded to order 3 of each, but then hours later I also realized that I would probably only need one Pack Subscription, Because It already comes with Complete Play Sets. I hope that 3 Boxes and 1 Pack Subscription will do what I need.

BadBlood says:

Why put 45 cards in the Destiny deck when the minimum is 40? Consistency and all that..

The Hat Clan says:

Should the title read, 3 core set deck building?

Bill Stordahl says:

This is really helpful. Thank you. Is there a link to these deck lists?

Damien Kirwan says:

WTF? I need 3 core sets to get into this game properly? Fucking more FFG bullshit. I thought Netrunner (of which I have significant investment in) was cheeky, needing 2 core sets to be viable. Where does it end? The next LCG will need four core sets? People buying into this let FFG know that this shit is ok, exactly like video game developers and microtransactions. I won’t support that shitty practice and won’t support this either. Shame because I love the theme of this game.

Fran Recchia says:

Guys do you think we will see a faction deluxe box, like in GOT? If yes, then maybe buying just 1 core and the deluxe might work, right?

Brandon Upchurch says:

If you pick up the core set at your local game store the day of release, will you be eligible for the Sakura tokens

Alan Polak says:

Great introduction to this game and a massive help. Quick question. You say the Lion deck has 13 characters for a 39 character deck with three cores but I count 14 cards per Clan. Did I get an extra card or did you guys get short changed? 🙂

Greg Zuvich says:

Guys, you stated that the Assassination card does not have a cost. That is incorrect. It costs 0 fate, but does cost you 3 honor, which is a high cost.

lincoln069069 says:

Are you sleeving all these? Do people typically sleeve lcg cards?

Josiah Burkhardsmeier says:

Can’t wait to get my hands on my pre-ordered cores and fancy Sakura tokens! This looks so great, and I’m excited to see your future content!

Kirk Bushell says:

More Destiny!!!

Michael Gee says:

Steven, I have a question for you: does L5R offer you the same immersive gameplay and strategy as Netrunner? I can hear your detailed enthusiasm when listening to your Netrunner match commentaries. Do you feel like the revised core set of Netrunner can earn your trust to re-enter that game? Thank you!

Jean Carlos Saleta Taveras says:

awesome vid, you guys should have a twitch/youtube stream, i would love to see a L5R session played by you guys with some commentary

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