Learning L5R | Crab v. Phoenix

We continue our journey with Legend of the Five Rings, this time pitting Crab Clan v. Phoenix Clan! Rules might still be missed. Terrible decisions will undoubtedly be made. A look behind the curtain of us learning a game.

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Joshua Morrow says:

Crab aren’t Night’s Watch-like, the Night’s Watch is Crab-like — As crazy as it sounds, L5R actually predates A Song of Ice and Fire by a couple of years, though Martin and John Wick had obviously been working on their respective projects for several years before either was published.

Marino Santirso says:

Great videos guys. Still a couple of weeks until the game hits the shelves in Spain though. A suggestion: would it be possible to leave the cards you talk about a little longer onscreen? Most times I don’t get to read the whole text (I’m aware I’d be more familiar with them if I had the game, but maybe it will help newbies to understand game decisions.
Otherwise, keep up the good work, and looking forward to Crane Clan!

Valordar says:

Great Shmuffling

cartoon80s90s says:

My favorite thing about this game has to be the card art pieces. Absolutely stunning.
btw, thanks for showing the cards and their abilities. It really helps with the game introduction to new players, and not many take the time to create so high quality content as you guys.

Romek Arkhonai says:

As you learn, I need to point few mistakes out. ( beside decisions). You cannot trigger province ability twice a round. You also don’t ask for actions between conflicts while there is an action window

Vincent J. Rubio says:

This may be me just projecting… but Steven usually seems under the influence of substances (not naming any specifically) during some of these playthroughs. Which doesn’t bother me… just an observation lol

ChromeDrakeGaming says:

Really appreciated the discussion at the end. Great game! And if you’d be so kind, would you tell us what brand of deck protectors you’re using? Cheers.

Jean Carlos Saleta Taveras says:

Loved this video, especially the addition to the comments at the end are really helpful to summarize what went right and what went wrong in the match. And what each player was looking for to do, really helps flesh out what each clan is looking for and the different ways to play

Joe From Cincinnati says:

Tomonatsu isn’t straight up good. She’s straight up awful :).

Battlemind says:

Damn good video TC. Love it. You have convinced me to get into this game when IT FINALLY ARRIVES.

Saibrock says:

36:05 A misplay here: that province had already used its ability that round, and could not be triggered again.

Mat Mem says:

Fantastic! God I love watching you two guys play!

Heimdall Ulf says:

I can’t praise these videos enough. The two of you do such an excellent job demonstrating the intricacies of the game, explaining not only what actions you are taking but also WHY you’re taking them. It’s just really informative, thanks for doing these!

One other thing I really love is when you two make the old faux-pas of referring to the characters by their family name (“I bring out Hida”; “I attack with Shinjo”, etc). I’ve been playing L5R for 20+ years now and every single person that is new to the game does it, no exceptions. It’s endearing in a way to hear you guys doing it too, as the “tradition” of it happening really makes the new game legitimately L5R. It makes me smile every time.

Nam-My Le says:

Man, this is the right way to learn how to play.

Oni Martinez says:

We want MOREEEEEE in future, not just playing all the clans in the core set, but also the as the game expand, Meta and Advance VS. Kudos guys 🙂

phillosmaster says:

Good on you guys for doing this because I agree it takes a good 5 or so games before new L5R really clicks and you understand what you need to do to build and pilot decks better. There is quite a few good lessons to learn from this game. In particular the big lesson people learn in their first couple games is that honor really matters (even though it seems worthless at first glance). At any given time there are two distinct battles being played out each round. Dishonor losses are not uncommon in my experience when either of these clans are in the match. Splashing these two clans together really creates a mean honor pressure deck.

rat488 says:

Great Video guys loved seeing an honor victory!

kevin fowle says:

Great video. Thank you for including the post game discussion. Please do this for more of your instructional videos.

Dule810 says:

I am going CRAZY!!! The game will not be delivered to be at LEAST before the 10th so this is torture for me, awesome torture but torture none the less!

Slaitaar says:

Cant believe just how different this match was from the Unicorn v Dragon. Like practically different games! So excited now.

JCinLapel says:

LOL I am phoenix clan from emerald on we are a minority but more daring the most any clan. But hope if the do Koti format again that it is Phoenix on phoenix finally. I almost gave up the game when I opened the next starter to find only the champion which was different and much weaker and one shuginja that was not one per deck became one per deck everything else was of other clans that would cost me much more.

Sandweiche says:

Let’s say that that Guardsman with the dash for a political stat is honoured. Does he become a 3-N/A or does he get the +1 from the honoured state to his non-existent political state as well, becoming a 3-1? My gut says the former. Can anyone confirm or deny?

ImDoneItsOver says:

Phoenix Honor! a TC trademark 😉

Tupinamba77 says:

Loving it! Please keep them coming! Cheers!

Gary Lynch says:

I don’t usually comment but these videos are so good. I could watch so many of these as the production is really good and they are easy to follow. I have not had a chance to play the game yet (2 more weeks) so it is nice to be able to see and understand what is happening.
I have tried watching some of the other L5R content out there but it is much to hard to follow if you don’t have an understanding of all the cards, so thanks again for making this easy to follow.
My only request would be to for you guys to make more videos each day 🙂

Peter Freshwater says:

I’ve always loved Team Covenant videos (although I’ve been a bit absent the past few years) but these are by far my favorite. I hope they continue with this style of video even after they’ve gone through each clan.

Jakob Møller says:

Oh man Phoenix is so awesome! Really like the concept of the clan. Although Steven making them look real good here 😉 (sorry Steven) – The Mountain Does Not Fall triggers without you having to successfully defend. So he could have avoided some of the unopposed conflicts.
Anyways guys REALLY awesome content. Keep the videos coming !!

Philip Karas says:

Thank you for another fantastic video! I know it was only a single day without a new game play video, but with content this good it felt like a drought. Can’t wait for the next one. Keep up the great work.

Christopher Scherrer says:

Old guard player here. I like the coin toss method for deciding first player. The ccg version had the player with the highest starting honor on their stronghold be the first player. Ties were a coin flip.

fathedchef says:

Great great tutorial. Now where’s Crane?

Michael Gee says:

Wow, thank you so much foe this video! I can’t wait to watch it!

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