Learning L5R | Crane v. Scorpion – Game Three

The final game of our Learning L5R series is Scorpion v Crane, both politically adept in their own ways. Be on the lookout for underhanded Scorpion tricks and fancy Crane politics – as well as questionable decisions from both Steven and Zach.

Head to our Learning L5R blog to find decklists for these clans, general deck building advice, and other videos in this series!

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Nam-My Le says:

My play group has been playing a lot on TTS and it’s good to hear very similar thoughts and deck construction. Crab splash seems universally good for watch commander

Mat Mem says:

Great video.
Especially loved Steven’s musings on croissants and turning signals.

Xanferatu says:

thanks for the video.

Colin Sibson says:

YES Love these series of vids…MORE MORE. I’m still a week or two away from getting my sets + they are very informative.

afcomser says:

This is just mean, you’re just teasing us. It is no fair you get to play this game and we don’t!

What the Dice says:

Great series! I really hope you keep going with these. At least include a lion deck too. 🙂

Bill Stordahl says:

Is there a link to the deck lists?

Olle Karlsson says:

Felt like I waited an eternity for this video. But quality is supreme as always so I can’t complain

Panayjon says:

“Ready to keep dancing?” is such a Rokugan moment. If you can imagine two samurai, one red and one blue, confronting one another in a field. Or two courtiers at court, one having just impugned the honor of the other.

Tupinamba77 says:

Thanks for yet another great game and video. Your coverage of L5R is definitely the best on youtube.

DziobatyDziobak says:

Two days :}

Anesthesia Cat says:

I want so many more of these L5R videos pleeeeease. Maybe with the role cards?

Cam Smith says:

Love the videos guys! Hope to see you do a few more. Is there any way we could see Jonathan pilot his Crab deck? I’m interested in playing crab and after hearing his playstyle I’d love to see how it would work. Thanks and keep up the great content!

Mike C says:

Bidding 1 for cards on the last round was a mistake. You have to see that this is very likely the last round and no one is winning or losing on honor so being at 7 or 11 honor or 5 or 9 honor is meaningless and you need the 4 extra cards in hand to have options.

TheAcad3mic says:

Good game, you guys are definitely getting better.

Although, one Scorpion player to another… Never bid more than 2! And even then, only bid that much to set up an I Can Swim once you’ve trained them into only ever bidding 1!

Robert Mitchell says:

Another great play through!

Dydra says:

Unopposed, Unopposed Conflict
A conflict is unopposed if the attacking player wins the conflict
and the defending player controls no participating character ….

So when a character Bows during a conflict he isn’t immediately sent home, but still participating in the conflict?

In thrones this works differently 😛 It compares the STR totals

phulcrum says:

Anyone else thing that the 2 side of the fate tokens look like a Spiderman face from a distance?

phulcrum says:

Zach looked at one of his mulligan cards! Cheater!

*Before anyone gets offended I’m just giving him a hard time. I’m not super serious.*

NileSings says:

So excited for thursday!!!! Thank’s y’all!!

trlongwell says:

I can’t believe nobody has mentioned this yet: On the first turn, when Zach attacked with the Otomo Courtier, Steven had no reason to defend. He can just use the Stronghold to bow the Otomo, and then the Conflict will fizzle because the attacker needs at least 1 strength to win. He then could have gotten a very low risk, high upside military attack with the Brash Samurai.

Lake Bluff Films says:

34:02 you forgot Blackmail Artist’s ability

kohtalainenalias says:

Zach has a red / blackish shirt as Scorpion and Steven blue white one as true Crane colors 😉 Coincidence?-)

jodokastde says:

Always same winner, boring just kidding

jccloud7 says:

@1:17:21 was that someone’s stomach rumbling??

Kristian Jensen says:

I feel like putting these two clans up against each other in a tutorial game, doesn’t give either of them credit, not show their potential. You are both fighting an honour game so it’s basicly back-and-forth.
I hope you’ll show each of these clans against one of the others.

TristamWolf says:

Really close game there, had a grand time watching it!

Spanner1971B says:

At 9.13 I would really have liked the Scorpion Stronghold Action to be used. It would have demonstrated nicely the rule of Special Action Phase during Dynasty, as well as protect him from the possibility of the Crane doing some shenanigans with Honor totals and switching off the Strongholds ability.

Nam-My Le says:

Time for a work break!

Gary Lynch says:

Been waiting forever for this video (feels like). What do you mean last one? We want more of these, many many more.

Dule810 says:

When an Honored charscter is Dishonored he reverts to default. So the storyteller should not have been dishonored in the first conflict.

David Roberts says:

Can Bayushi Yunako apply his ability to himself?

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