Learning L5R | Unicorn v. Dragon

Jump right in and learn Legend of the Five Rings with us, starting with Unicorn Clan v. Dragon Clan! Rules will be missed. Awful decisions will be made. This is what it looks like when you sink your teeth into a new system.

Head to our Learning L5R blog below to find decklists for these clans, general deck building advice, and other videos in this series!

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World of Warpaint says:

Great video and explanation of phases. I’m still on the fence with this one though.
I love the theme, the cards etc but still, there’s so much going on it’s pretty overwhelming.
Took couple yrs before I decided to purchase Netrunner. I read the rules several times online and watch video after video for that game.
Now I’m doing the same with L5r.
Do you guys think this game is harder to learn than Netrunner?

Patrick F says:

Please stop referring to characters by their family name. In Japan, the family name is placed first. It will be confusing for listeners if you refer to Shinjo Tatsuo and Shinjo Altansarnai both as Shinjo. Also, if it isn’t too much trouble, please look up the proper pronunciation of the Japanese terms used in the game.

Bradley Danna-Mulick says:

How did Steven play Oathkeeper without paying the two fate cost for it?

Valordar says:

Awesome stuff!! L5R, as watchable as it is playable, and its sure hella playable! o/ Though, you guys seem to be in the habit of referencing individuals by their family name o.0 sounds odd.

Elarfendir says:

Good shit! MORE! MORE!

pickes says:

At 55:30, I believe the conflict should have been unopposed. It does not matter that Steven originally had a defending character in the conflict. What matters is that at the time of the skill count, Steven has no ready or bowed defending character with at least 0 skill (no “-“).

Dydra says:

1:33:55 Yokuni doesn’t exactly “steal” an ability …. as that would imply that the targeted character loses it … He COPY it 😀

Mat Mem says:

Urge to play…rising…

George says:

That was a great watch, thanks! Question, and sorry if you’ve already answered this elsewhere, but how many core sets of the L5R LCG would one have to buy to have a complete play set of the core material?

Tim Cheetham says:

That is exactly how a gameplay vid should be. Well talked through, clear rules and explanations, cards shown for reference, all really viewer friendly. Really, really well done.

Ed Ostling says:

the one thing I noticed is that you guys dont tend to use the preconflict action window between each fight. it did not seem to effect your game at all but figured it was worth mentioning.
no matter what, great to see games for this and already pot commited for my additional cores through my flgs

Joshua Morrow says:

A good habit to be in is to abbreviate characters to the last part of their name. The first of the two names on the card is a family name, and we’re going to see a ton of Mirumotos, Shinjos, and Bayushis as things progress. Raitsugu, Tatsuo, etc are the characters’ individual names.

Bryan Fischer says:

Fantastic. Please do one more with Crane!

savethefunk says:

This was absolutely fascinating to watch, and a great learning experience. Thanks ever so much, keep’em coming.

Sandweiche says:

This might be my ignorance speaking, as I haven’t actually played the game at all. But doesn’t Endless Plains automatically break when an attack is declared?

Unless I’m reading the text wrong it scans as breaking as soon as an attack is declared, subsequently killing an attacking character. Then the conflict happens etc. etc.

Wesu Maru says:

Commenting before watching*:
Isn’t Dragon the strongest, and Unicorn the weakest? Why match these two clans?

Brian Gman says:

Steve huge misplay on not taking those water rings early (first two turns) it creates a lose lose situation for Zach if he doesn’t defend the conflict he has one of his characters bowed and if he defends and wins the conflict he loses one of his two characters and you still essentially force him to waste a fate on the bowed character without him even being able to fight you.

Mike D says:

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but all of your out-of-clan cards have to come from one clan, right?

Simon Swan says:

I was on the fence with this game, but my interest increased during the play through, then vengeful oathkeeper was played and now I’m working out how many core sets I should be getting….

Dydra says:

Man …. that Yokuni on the ban list 😀

Robert Mitchell says:

Fantastic play through! The flow of the game and the strategy that evolved throughout the game were awesome. Looking forward to more play throughs.

Michael Gee says:

Wow, Guys! Thank you for making this video! I feel so excited to watch it!

ジェイムス says:

Thanks for the video. I enjoyed this a lot.

ksink74 says:

Province at 1:28:00 should not have broken due to Imperial Favor.

Otherwise, excellent video.

Lou Ser says:

Praying that you’ll do at least another one in this serie !

Bobby Factor says:

Just chiming in with some praise. Hey… there are lots of L5R play vids on YouTube (both liveplay and via TTS) and I thank _all_ content creators for these. But I *really* enjoyed this vid because you managed to shuttle in a boatload of teaching while keeping the game lively with the back-and-forth conversation of long-time friends. Kudos to you guys, you’re awesome.

Lake Bluff Films says:

I think you guys over value honor. Especially unicorn.

Jean Carlos Saleta Taveras says:

THANK YOU! i’ve been craving some L5R game seasions with good quality video and people that actually commentate on what is going on in the game.

If i could like this video more than once i would

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