Legend of the 5 Rings LORE Overview (FFG Samurai RPG)

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A brief look at the basic setting and world of Rokugan, the setting for Fantasy Flight’s Legend of the Five Rings tabletop RPG.


Kayla Dunaway says:

My group’s beta testing this, and its pretty damn cool, and I like it a lot! We’re hoping to see more, and if anyone can point me to some solid lore, that’d be awesome!

pdbedlion says:

Jade empire rpg totally should happen! That game is wonderful!

All Seeing Ey3 says:

Rip all the renamed npcs. We hardly knew ye. Then we killed ye. Probably.

SilverKeyMan says:

Excellent. Looking forward to the dice mechanics review. Also hilarious hearing the setting being described by someone that is unfamiliar with it.

Chip Altman says:

Making something is the highest form of doing stuff. YEAH it is. Thanks Steve for this 5th day of Whatever present. I love you. Keep up the ridiculous work! 😀

GrandAdmiralC says:

Oh Titty McF*ckerson. That guy really was the worst.

Jenny The Cartoon Horse says:

I’m part of the crane clan, that’s why they call me fast cock

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