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Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game

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Description from the publisher:

Enter the vibrant world of Rokugan with Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, a Living Card Game® of honor and conflict for two players! Drawing on the legacy of AEG’s original Legend of the Five Rings collectible card game, and now reimagined with new mechanics, story, and the Living Card Game distribution model, you are invited to join the Great Clans, uphold the tenets of Bushidō, and fulfill your duty to your daimyō and the Emperor in a world shaped and changed by a dynamic, player-influenced story.

During the game, you take on the leadership of one of the Great Clans which define Rokugani society, and you are cast into conflict against another clan. Your conflicts will decide the future of Rokugan, whether you’re battling with a katana or with cutting words, but the samurai of your clan cannot remain by your side indefinitely—when their destinies are fulfilled, you must find new allies to continue your conflicts. Ultimately, it’s your choice whether you will fight with honor or use unsavory means, but in every game, it is your role to lead your clan to victory.


Seedy Location says:

As long as I can make a shadowlands deck.

majakian says:

The Scorpion clan was one of the original great clans in the story line although they didn’t get added until the first expansion which added both the Scorpion and Shadowlands factions into the CCG itself.. The Scorpion Clan Coup was not until later on in the story line.

KaijudoMaster11 says:

Letting players shape the world kinda worries me.

magikot says:

easiest way to describe l5r is “wuxia game of thrones in faux feudal Japan”

Aonghas Cambeul says:

Akodo Toturi is alive and well currently, from FFG – “No army can withstand the ferocity and tenacity of the Lion’s warriors or the stratagems of the clan’s brilliant new general, Akodo Toturi.”

Seth Goodnight says:

Ninja had to go for the good of the game. I was a hardcore Naga player and I feel the same about them. They were up to like 13 factions at that point and it was just too much.

ffsnonamesleft says:

The passion with which they talk about this game is what I’m hoping to get out of L5R. As a kid I used to watch my cousin play this but didn’t have the means to join in. So amped to get in “on the ground floor”.

chex punyhemas says:

for those who wants to play the game…there are no freaking literal rings in the game…there are no powerful ring to collect so please excuse the lord of the ring novel reference.

Brian Paasch says:

I stopped playing AEG because they killed my faction and removed all the fantasy elements. It’s just the way it goes sometimes.

Spoonfunk says:

this episode was a trip down memory lane. I think its great that you guys are going to be checking this game out.

trlongwell says:

Was Spags responsible for Shinjo Yokatsu becoming a Kolat? That really made me mad.

Self-modifying Code says:


MonkofRa says:

Monkey Clan 🙂

UmJammerSully says:

Really hoping L5R is a big hit and you guys do a dedicated L5R podcast.

Brian Paasch says:

Is that frustrating? YES. Former Nezumi player and the removal of that caused me to stop playing.

Barry Sheppard says:

The unicorn were one of the original clans in the story (the Kirin) who were tasked with exploring. They disappeared from Rokugan for centuries and in there travels picked up many foreign ideas. Their arrival back in the story happened around three centuries ago.

bill patino says:

Trade tariff jokes on point.

Aonghas Cambeul says:

Rising Sun Blade (Old L5R) is the Swords you are looking at. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/b7/2c/93/b72c93e6a8853774a15124a44324931c.jpg

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