Legend Of The Five Rings- A Perfect Alternative To Magic: The Gathering

If you’re sick of the hamster wheel of CCG’s A Living Card game is a perfect option

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jackdonkey22 says:

Instead of living card games I’d like more ante games, like original magic.

Robert Cantu says:

Doomtown: Reloaded will be at Gen-con and I’m pretty sure they can sell it to you better than I can haha.

Ryan Dockter says:

Honestly, looked over how this game is played and I gotta say it was almost good, but it fell into the same flaw that nearly every major card game I’ve seen lately has. Anything that revolves around the mechanic of deceiving your opponents is simply an unfinished game.

Hear me out, because it’s not what you think. Most deck builds in MTG revolve around deception in order to get your most important cards into play. But deception is not a MECHANIC of MTG, it’s the inevitable outcome of any game with a limited hand and limited draws.

So when a game builds deception into their game as an actual rule built into the game, it not only belittles the players, it stands out as the inability to create a tight enough set of proper mechanics for your game to function on its own. This, like most card games I’ve seen crop up in the last decade decided to take deception, something intrinsic to every action within ANY card game, and bake it right into the rules, making it seem like they thought up something clever.

The reality of the matter is that they didn’t think of something clever, they created a falsified risk/reward system in order to get out of pinning down hard win conditions. Points should never be won or lost because of a rule that says you must try to overcome trickery. They very nature of all skill-based card games is earning points based on tricking your opponents and overcoming theirs. It is an ABSENCE of mechanic to force players to do what was already known simply as ‘strategy’.

Inkshock says:

I don’t like L5R, not because of the game itself, but I don’t particularly care for the aesthetics and the lore doesn’t interest me. Have you played the Arkham Horror LCG?

joseph turco says:

why don’t we all just forget standard and just play pauper or penny dreadful? these LCG’s get boring if you need to goto a LGS or find a playgroup. also having to carry everything is just annoying. i tried X-wing and SW destiny. ended up in the trash the next day and found a MTG playgroup that follows no legal decklists and plays for fun.

Harry Butte says:


I thought about making a SJW card game, but I’d rather not receive the kinda backlash a person would receive from such a game. I had the idea of Sargon of Akkad being Shitlord of the Pitt, like the old mtg card. I forgot what card I had in mind for you.

reddead405 says:

I’ve been on the fence with this game; like i want to pull the trigger rrally bad, but i know i would be the only one of my friends really interested with it.

James Watson V says:

Jeremy looks like a drunk

Cian Thornhiil says:

This looks really cool and I’ll definitely be picking it up for some tabletop nights.
Problem is I dont think this replaces MTG. As a previous commenter mentioned, people just love the mentality of cracking packs for a chance at a super rare card, enabling dopamine rushes during drafting, limited etc.
Definitely an awesome game but cant see it replacing the act of ripping packs for most.

Guillermo Cortes says:

This is actually a great idea for this channel. I’d love to see you go through alternatives of games. Not because MTG sucks, but because we all love to hear about new things and ideas.

Also, it would help your channel grow, as you’d find more searches in not only MTG but board games and hobbyists.

Mike Litoris says:

I love L5R but barely anyone plays it, at least where I live.

Matt Roman says:

Fantasy flight has awesome stuff. I like their game of thrones game. I found it similar to yu-gi-oh with additional complexity. Very easy to learn. Not sure what expansions were released. I just played it with the core box only. Never played 5 rings.

It’s just more to collect though. I still love mtg. I pulled foil carnage tyrant out of a godly Ixalan box that I bought at the comic book store and then I get packs with no rare at Barnes and Noble out of a bundle. Literally 4 uncommon. Have you ever seen that!? What a rip-off. love/hate with wotc Get your act together! I should never get a pack with no rare. How does that get through qc?

GameMirage says:

Great game! Now when i know better this game, then more i like it. And the theme, graphic, all together fit so well. Best way to learn L5R is on Jigoku Online, that everyone can try the game for free.

Kotadis says:

I love L5R but none of my friends can handle the weight and game length

Daspien1 says:

nice 😉 Spielemesse in Essen, Germany ist coming. I will check this one out

Marutein Falconone says:

I played Legend of the Five Rings for like 6 years. And it was great, also that the tournaments changed the story of the game and you as a player had the chance to change the story. The Game is complex yes, or was because of the different Clans which have different identities. But i must say i didnt really looked into the LCG because i am not a fan of the changes of the game mechanics, and the loss of one of my favorite Factions the Shadowlands or later Spider Clan…

Ralph Valencia says:

Fantasy flight is awesome

ooberallen says:

I loved L5R, wizards kinda ruined it after they initially acquired it from AEG, then AEG got it back and made it awesome for like a year or 2 then it went to shit again… I’m not sure if i’m ready to give it another chance.

surfrad420 says:


Grater Good says:

Heard a lot of good things about this one.
The game I mean, not Jeremy. I like both for stated reason.

Malkav The Mad says:

Scorpion clan is best clan.

Donny says:

I still have a hand full of these cards from old Duelist magazines.

Alex Whitcombe says:

Love the coverage of a great LCG! I’ve been wanting to check out Lo5R. I went WAY down the rabbit hole with the Lord of the Rings LCG, because of the deep lore component and all the additional / alternate storylines. I love how the format can evolve in ways that MTG and other TCG just can’t seem to.

Travis Perry says:

I played this when it was still a ccg and loved it. I have been wanting to try this version but I have no one to play with so it’s not a high priority for me.

I’m not sure if you are aware of it but there is also a tabletop rpg based on this setting which is fantastic. Also scorpion clan is the best, so gotta rep that clan pride.

Brad Wiswall says:

Another I got into is Star Realms

Voli Jay says:

Aaaaahhhhhhh Jeremy! I love you bro! You saw my comments! Lol I wish

R.C. Beringuela says:

As an old school L5R player, I like the LCG, but my problem about it is that they added this “role locking” mechanic stuff in the game. That mechanic felt very stifling in deckbuilding in my opinion. As far as LCGs are concerned, nothing’s gonna top Android: Netrunner LCG.

driphop414 says:

man L5R…brings me back, good times.

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