Legend of the Five Rings | Designer Preview

We sit down with Legend of the Five Rings designers Nate French, Brad Andres, and Erik Dahlman to find out what we can expect for Fantasy Flight Games’ newest LCG (Living Card Game).

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Sean Thompson says:

It is disturbing to me the lack of knowledge about the world these guys have. I am really hoping that we the players will be able to return the game to its glory.

Esteban Hoogma says:

Is Eric wearing a White Hand t-shirt? Nice

Carlos Eduardo Saldanha says:

When a designer turns to the panel and asks “what have they had, 4 win conditions?!” tells me a lot of the “research” they did on the previous version…

Quizoid Z says:

“The upcoming Lor… Legend of the Five Rings…” I’ve totally been doing the same thing. 😀

Jason Wylie says:

wow. great interview and excited to play this.

ImDoneItsOver says:

Will we see an 8th faction? A 9th? Man so many things seem amazing with this new iteration of L5R

marshall b says:

When you think we will see this game demo online.

QuantaKill says:

Man, as I’ve been play Netrunner until AGoT 2.0 and then made the jump into game of thrones … The two games are COMPLETELY different…

Now when I read the first article which they posted ( on 19th of April ) my mind was non-stop boggled – THIS IS SO MUCH LIKE AGOT!

Crab Clan = Night Watch
Crane = Lannister
Unicorn = Greyjoy

Damn it, I don’t want to play a re-skinned GoT!

Yet, when I went after this interview, I really fancy some ideas like the shared pool of rings, the fate system … I think they can open some really interesting gameplay and I’m open to see where they will lead the game.

Definitely nothing in common with Netrunner though … but that’s probably because Nate is designing it not Lukasz ..

Valordar says:

Loving the ingrained eastern philosophy in the design process. Could be a promising fresh new kind of game, and holy cow the cards look phenomenal. Fortunately i’m unlikely to find any local community or excuse to purchase.

Jan Talpa says:

I want to play my part… in Rokugan

9thimmortal says:

Weird a bunch of old players aren’t happy they changed a dead game that they bought, and players of other games see that game in this game!  Surprises abound!  😉

Bryan Fischer says:

I’m super excited for this. Thanks, guys.

Wintermute 420 says:


Carlos Eduardo Saldanha says:

“The ephemeral idea will make players hate the game!” – oh yes indeed!

Also liked a lot hearing Nate French describing the back-and-forth action playing in L5R as a “new big thing” when his buddy Eric Lang already ported that idea into SW: LCG… oh, the irony!

Chip Altman says:

So good.

Spoonfunk says:

I think I am excited enough to get another L5R tattoo

cooleo1c says:


CigarChompinSarge says:

I am glad to see the change to province breaking. The snowball effect was awful.

KAM1138a says:

I’ll only be able to judge when I see Kakita Toshimoko. I need to see Toshimoko.
Glad to hear the emphasis on the Story, and how the players interact with that. Without that L5R is just a setting.

devin says:

Challenge for those watching. Count how many times they say “essence”

Richard Bradley says:

So what I took from this was three guys that have zero to limited grasp of the game have destroyed it. “This honor thing going on in the background” this almost says it all. Every facet of your game shows you have limited grasp of Rokugan from samurai who have sworn fealty to their clan just leaving in the middle of a conflict because they were not compensated enough, to bidding (bidding and haggling was for the merchant class something dishonorable for the samurai caste), to how the cards are even named the names of a lot of these previewed personalities sound like followers, and removing enlightenment. Basically, you may have made a great game mechanically but you did it at the cost of Rokugani culture. Plus most of your complaints showed your lack of nuance of the game. Knowing when to defend and when to attack was part the skills that separated good players from poor ones. It was a steep learning curve yes, but it was also part of the strategy of the game. ZYou guys really should have had people who knew the game better to provide you better advice.

Blake Noneya says:

Am I the only one who hates a majority of the changes to the game? Anyone who knows me knows I have a hardcore love hate relationship with FFG, so yeah, I can be biased on much of what they do and even flip flop sometimes. But the changes to this game make it too similar to GoT imo and I really do not like that. And no, before anyone brings it up, I did not expect this to be just like the CCG, as a matter of fact , I wanted it to change since the CCG was getting way too bogged down. But at least keep the core and spirit of the game. The changes to the conflict stage, as well as the change to military and political bothers me, as well as a number of other things. I was really excited about this game, but I am almost 100% positive I won’t pick this up now. And going by the talks of a number of friends within different areas of the gaming community and their play groups, they won’t be either. That all being said, this is all just a matter of opinion and my love/hate for FFG.

Balky Butakomus says:

If Nate isn’t careful with these L5R fans his head really could end up on a spike! GOT 4 Lyfe!

Hoowie Coperland says:

and once again… that bloody “coresets policy” wich requires to got 2-3 of them…
how about making decent coresets with everything in x3, wich means, just remove the 50+ garbage cards (there’s always at least that many garbages in you coresets) and instead, boost the x1 and x2 into x3 !!!
and don’t even try to explain anything else except the fact that that “you got it ! we love money too much !!! soyes we force you to buy 2 to frackin’ 3 coresets to have a complete collection…”
you’re just rats dear FFG !
if you could actually, playtest more, and MOOORE seriously, you would be abble to spot the bad cards and just boost the good ones.

and of course none of those were really knowing the universe… and the game… and the guy who know the most was…and is a bloody crane clan player…

at least artworks are (for now) great.

defenatly hope there’s going to be real strong multiplayer rules.

and the only thing you preserved dude, is, the “buy 2 or 3 coresets” ffg’s “essence” !

ControlLingOo says:

Excited for this game … hoping it turns out as good as it sounds

Phlip says:

It is so distracting that the guests are staring off in random directions instead of at the interviewer. Just to be clear I’m not criticizing the guests, they were great. I’m criticizing Team Covenant for not giving direction to the guests or not reshooting after explaining to them where they should look.

su park says:

Is Erik always this happy go lucky?

René van der Wolf says:

lesson one… there is no camera!

iGGy eo says:

let’s go Crab Clan!

World of Warpaint says:

Reading some of the complaints on here I think this will work well for me because I’ve never played it so I have nothing to compare it to.

Dimitris Olympiakos says:

One thing I do not understand about LCG format is this: What is the reason they do not also have supplementary core sets that have enough copies of cards so that you can have 3 copies of every cars without needing to buy 3x core sets? (apart for sales reasons, that is)

Ike Stoddard says:

The interviewer had only played 10 or so games? What were you thinking? You should have had an experienced player do the interview. The beginning of the launch effort will be borne by returning players. You ignore this fact.

Keven Dupont says:

Where is the Scorpion clan?

Darren Hazelden says:

Does Nate ever sound enthusiastic about anything ever?

TechnoGolem says:

I really don’t like the draw system for this game. When I play card games they are normally free for all battles. The draw/honor system looks like it will be nothing but a headache for that kind of gameplay.

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