Legend of the Five Rings – Dragon Clan Breakdown

We’re going to be taking a look at the Dragon Clan. We’re going to break down this clan of monks and ascetics, taking a look at each card from the core set and focusing on the themes that make Dragon what it is.

What is Legend of the Five Rings?

Where did you get the card images?


bweber1226 says:

That was very helpful, thank you!

Regrettable Username says:

These are the exact type of video I’ve been looking for! Thanks for making them! Maybe after doing all the clans you could expand on the lore a little. It is pretty muddled with the relaunch though.

Justin O. says:

Great video! I’m hoping some of my friends will pick up L5R, and if they do I think I’ll show them this series to help them choose a clan.
Also: Dragon 4 Life!!1!

Varga Olivér - Iparbűvész says:

2:20 is wrong. She does bow, but you can only defend with one character against her.

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