Legend of the Five Rings: Imperial Cycle Review

The Imperial Cycle hit Legend of the Five Rings in a flurry. Which clans came out on top? Which clans are wishing they would have gotten more out of the cycle? Let’s find out!

What is Legend of the Five Rings?

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Noctis Altura says:

thanks for the analysis! really enjoying playing this game right now

The Casual Italian Channel says:

Thanks for the review! I know that these packs came out one after the other, so it must have been a lot of work to review everything at once. Is there hope you’ll go more in depth with the next packs since things have slowed down to the usual FF speed?

jeremiah Horton says:


Daniel Juliá says:

dude… did you know that Crab won 2 koteis? also you should pick crisis braker for review instead of staunch hida that is a really bad card….

Travis Fights Dragons says:

Good review, I think the main card you missed was Kanjo District, but Phoenix got so many good cards that it’s hard to hit them all in a timely manner. Other than that, Crab is looking way better than you make them out to be. They seem to be the talk of the top town alongside Dragon. Great video content, keep up the good work!

Justin O. says:

Great review! The cycle just ended, but I’m already looking forward to the new Phoenix pack!

Daniel Osmun says:

I think you’re straight up wrong about Crab, but otherwise on point. I think Crane is actually under Unicorn right now. It got less than zero support from the Dynasty packs. I honestly think Crab’s the strongest right now, Dragon and Scorpion tied for second. Iron Mine is ridiculous.

drayton ganz says:

Overall decent commentary. Don’t fully agree with clan standings as others have mentioned. Main concern was the misinterpretation of Shinjo Scout. Shinjo Scout only gains an extra fate if you pass first so it encourages passing first.

MrZoichi says:

I’m gonna be honest: I have no idea how to play L5R and just subscribed to support you guys, but this video has top notch editting and makes l me want to learn how to play. Thanks for putting out excellent content!

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