Legend of the Five Rings is BACK!!!

Cosmic Forge Board Game: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/cosmic-forge
Legend of the Five Rings Living Card Game preview: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/4/19/legend-of-the-five-rings-the-card-game/


Ashe K. Reaper says:

I see one way honor bidding is taking the high road versus taking the low road (or vice versa). Some clans may act accordingly through proper warfare and “clean politics” versus tactics like poisoning, assassination, etc. I see a few other variations (all that can apply at once), but that seemed to be the simplest way to explain my interpretation.

ippos_khloros says:

With the upcoming drop of the LCG I’ll be a noobie to L5R. I’m trying to get a grasp on the differences between the clans (not their _lore_, which is all anyone seems to talk about, but rather their general themes and what playstyle they cater to). This is what I gather so far (correct me where I’m off):

Clan – archetype – strength

Crab – border guards – defense
Crane – aristocrats – political sway
Dragon – monks – use of attachments
Lion – footsoldiers – offense (swarm)
Phoenix – mages – redirection?
Scorpion – ninjas – dishonorable actions
Unicorn – nomad cavalry – offense (speed)

Chip Altman says:

I love your video, thanks for making it! A few things:
They’re cherry blossoms, symbolizing the impermanence of a samurai’s life. 🙂
Amen regarding the wars of attrition.
The Honor Dial is actually flat; does look like a die in one of the images.
Whoever bids lowest gets the difference in honor.
I think you get the ring effect by winning conflicts, even if the province isn’t broken.

Thurman stevenson says:

But what about all the cool stuff the hare clan did is that gonna be all gone too

Muhr says:

Video starts at 2:27. Everything before is nothing but bullshit

john wesley says:

you do not need 3expansion packs per month just 1 as you get 3x per card at $15 for 60cards. The coreset is different as it tends to be 1x as an lower point of entry

Draconarius Productions says:

If you are interested in a painting of a card you like I take commissions.

Drudenfusz says:

I am fine with the reboot, even though I think it is sad that we lose the Mantis Cland and the Spider Clan, both have been pretty neat, but in the end I mostly played Crane anyway, so I will be fine.

TheKingdomWorks says:

just trade with someone of a different clan. If you are a completist, sorry for ya.

zukunftssicht says:

Well I’m ok with starting before the Scorpion Clan Coup. First we don’t have the Ronin-OP-Army of Toturi (which I liked to play). We only have the seven great Clans and I am ok with it. Therefore I know my clan, which I will play and the Togashi will kick some ass. ^^

Mu_Ni says:

So to clarify, the way FFG’s LCG model works is that the core set has a bunch of cards with either 1, 2, or 3 copies each. So you need to buy three core sets to have 3 copies of each 1 copy-per-core-set cards.

Each other expansion has 3 copies of each card, so only one of those is required.

Personally I think forcing players to buy multiple core sets is still pretty scummy, but it’s important to get the details right.

Ezra Clark says:

The Honor dial is not a die, it is supposed to look like some sort of box but it is two cardboard hexagons stuck together, like these things https://img1.etsystatic.com/055/0/10223580/il_570xN.715520981_gony.jpg

William Knisley says:

vouching for another person

fathedchef says:

Buying core set=introductory price
Monthly pack-=small monthly installments

Provinces don’t go away
And unique characters are still there. Just not highlighted in the article.
Honor bidding. Think of it as your face up cards the noble way to summon. Your fate deck is unknown so getting those is more “under handed” excuse the pun.

Elvin Dy Buncio says:

the idea of the honor bid is how cleanly/honorably you wage war or politicize and the comparison between you and your opponent determines honor gain or loss

Spoonfunk says:

They make the characters generic in the core set because its a living card game the the core is never going to rotate. Your characters will be in the monthly pack releases and the box sets. Which will contain full playsets of the cards.

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