Legend of the Five Rings: LCG – Gen Con 2017 Top 32.1

This is the Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game (LCG) tournament hosted by Fantasy Flight Games at Gen Con 50 in Indianapolis, Indiana on August 18/19, 2017. There were over 256 players in the tournament. This is a match from the top 32 elimination.

Lion Clan (Kyle) vs. Lion Clan (Alfredo)

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How to play L5R LCG: https://youtu.be/GvDpf6KPfdA

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Ben Davy says:

Rob you getting into L5R?

Joshua Morrow says:

re: 53:00 Fire ring could be used to dishonor a character to force the last point of dishonor even if the attacker claims Air with their first challenge.

Michael Gee says:

Rob, greatly appreciate your commentary!

Chip Altman says:

Akodo Gunso has the “pride” keyword; he becomes honored if he wins a conflict, and dishonored if he loses a conflict.

Loving the video! 😀

Karry SizemattersHS says:

Really enjoy the video Rob. Please do make more L5R videos in the future. I will support you on Patreon so you are able to make more L5R videos. Cheers mate

john wesley says:

This use to be a Conquest LCG channel FeelsBadMan

Starkiller Base says:

Alfredo, you should played the Ronin! 😛 Nice job commentating Rob 🙂 Thanks for the vids

Romano Delmundo says:

Great game, great commentary!

Анжела Петухова says:

█▬█ █ ▀█▀ 18+ ➨ http://tinyurl.com/yadqk5do

handoftheking says:

good video Rob thanks, would be good if you started consistant coverage of this lcg

Graham Hindle says:

I say keep the commentary. You helped me learn the interactions in Thrones and I’m sure these videos will help me learn. Keep up the great work Rob!

Andrew Summers says:

The commentary was great!

Shane Ruman says:

If it wasn’t mentioned already, you cannot use Charge to put a character into play and then add additional fate to it (as was done around 17:00). Charge would be bonkers if you could — champion with 3 fate for 4 …

Trulli9 says:

how can fury bow the spiritcaller at 41:51, only 1 province left unreveiled

Kyle Braun says:

Rob your commentary is always appreciated!

leathalhobo17 says:

Rob is straight killing it with the coverage! Love it!

Jeremy Winchell says:

Great video. Watched it because there was commentary. It is a brand new game. You will get there. Love your videos.

KaijudoMaster11 says:

1:36 Why did he flip over that replacement card? I thought all replacement cards stayed face down until next round, or did that card have some rule that negated that?

DarkStrikerSatanusRequiem says:

I get it’s not ultra-high stakes or anything but dude on the right really needs to keep his hand above the table. That’s not ok at any tournament.

RealAbruzzi says:

Commentary is good

Christophe Hendrickx says:

1:01:10 : shouldn’t the ancestral daishô go back to its owner’s hand instead of going to the discard pile ?

Jeremy Winchell says:

Right around 48:30 guy on the right passes. opponent passes. Guy on the right then decides he wants to act. That conflict should have resolved without a break.

killerangel1863 says:

Thanks for posting and commentating on these videos. I always enjoy your AGOT videos and look forward to more L5R content.

The Legacy of says:

If player on the right used Kitsu Spiritcaller to summon Master of the Spear instead of Akodo Gunso at 16:15 he would have won the game on the spot(Master sending Wandering Ronin home – minus one honor for unopposed challenge and minus one for air ring reducing opponent to none). Really goes to show how a small missplay can completly change the result of the game. Thanks for video Rob

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