Legend of the Five Rings LCG Review – It’s Finally Out!

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ENTPDuelist says:

I for one 100% agree with you. Everyone praised Fantasy Flight for their double rule books and it was obviously a cost cutting measure not to include the second one. I referenced the second one a lot with a game of thrones second edition. I’m furious that for an lcg they’ve been hyping up for months they decided to pull that stunt.

I’ve never played l5R before and after my first game I doubt I’ll switch from thrones. It’s fiddly and complicated. We didn’t even know about the flow chart being on their website and I wouldn’t exactly call looking on a phone screen for a flow chart convenient. Fantasy Flight really botched this one for new players.

Bizarro Ninja says:

Around 3:50 or so I can’t help but picture Truly Evil Bob in an Infomercial… “Do you have trouble putting your cards in a box? Do they just not fit? Try the top of a table. You can spread your cards all over a table or neatly stack them in a deck. With practice you can learn to build a house of cards on a tabletop at no additional charge!”

GameMirage says:

4:40 On page 30 in base rule book you can read when is posible to play an action.

arno van de velde says:

I doubt complexity will scare of off players. It will for some, but some crazy complex games are super popular in the videogame sphere. And actually some of the most popular one around. So if there is anough aroundit the complexity does turn some people away but keeps others. It might be a bad thing, but it could bea good thing if everything else is good.

BadBlood says:

The rules ref is a pdf because it’s getting updates, so it’s way more logical to have it as a digital document than a printout. Also, the game is not that hard after a couple of plays, and games will rarely go over an hour once you know the flow of the game and the cards.

Michael H says:


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