Legend of the Five Rings – Lion Clan Breakdown

– While Akodo Toturi can technically activate a ring effect when it claims it on defense, rings still only grant their effects to the attacking player, so it would NOT be beneficial to do so.

We will be taking a look at the Lion Clan. We’re going to break down this clan of honor-bound warriors, taking a look at each card from the core set and focusing on the themes that make Lion what it is.

What is Legend of the Five Rings?

Where did you get the card images?


waydifrentbottle says:

Just as a note: If you use Totori’s reaction as the defender your opponent (the attacker) gets the effect of the ring. It’s not obvious, but they just made a ruling about it.

Henry nguyen-locke says:

Great video and breakdown of the Lion clan! Looking forward to your future videos. Sub’d and keep up the great work.

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