Legend of the Five Rings Lore Summary | Chapter 1 – The Rivalry of Crane and Lion

In our first Legend of the Five Rings Lore Summary video, we look at the rivalry between the Lion and Crane clans, and witness the beginnings of a potential conspiracy to stir their clans against one another.

List of all stories this video references:
A Season of War (Rulebook)
Her Father’s Daughter
The Price of War
The Fate of Flames
The Fires of Justice


Matt Conduit says:

Phenomenal. Been trying to get myself hyped up to marathon through all of the lore I’m behind on, and this did the trick!

Anton Brunberg says:

Great video! I love this game but haven’t had time to get into the lore, this is perfect for me! Thanks!

Bucket Think Tank says:

Loved every minute, it’s like Game of Thrones but with Samurai and that’s just brilliant. I’m saving the story to my Kindle right now! Thanks for the video.

Jeff Smith says:

Your videos are fantastic, this one no less than the others! Making these TL;DR versions is an excellent idea. I have but a minor quibble. Your wording at the end uses the phrase “duty to her people”, which seems to imply that Matsu Tsuko chose (through the Winter Court champion’s decision) Duty over Justice. But she chose the latter. Whereas avenging Arasou (in whatever form) was Duty, seeking the truth behind the former Crane Champion’s death (and letting his son go) was the choice for Justice. This is at the very end of the Fate of Flames: “Duty and Loyalty demanded she avenge Arasou’s death. Righteousness demanded she bring
the deceivers to justice.” A wonderful choice, in my opinion, especially from a story-telling perspective. And keep up the fantastic work!

Ben Hancock says:

Thank you so much for making this. i haven’t had time to read all of the stories and i’ve been looking for a TL;DR version of it. again thank you

rogelius says:

Great video, can’t wait to see what happens next.

neishin says:

Great work. I read all the stories, but I always forget what’s in them after a while.

Eric M says:

I have a funny feeling these lore videos will be your most popular videos. Definitely cannot wait to see more on these videos. Maybe you can do a video per clan now that FFG is releasing a follow up story for each core clan fiction? Hopefully the new RPG book will contain an updated map of FFG’s Rokugan. It would be a nice touch to the videos to show small blips of where each character is during your lore videos.

Brandon Lane says:

This is fantastic. I’ve been waiting for some serious lore diving in new l5r. PLEASE KEEP it up!

Super Loco Bongos says:

great video ! it was a pleasure to watch and listen to your video 🙂

Paul Simon says:

So good!! Thanks for this. I have read all the stories and like them a lot but I sometimes have a hard time seeing the bigger picture. This helps out

thenumbertree says:

great vid, keep them coming!

TomBullet says:

Please make more! As someone who loves a good story but doesn’t get much quiet time to read the stories myself an audiobook/summary would be such a blessing! Thanks for making this 😀

Bobby Factor says:

Fantastic stylized synopsis! I’m a lore fan and this is a welcome treat. Even though I’ve read all of the stories, I love how this video rounds everything out and points out several nuances that some readers might miss. Keep ’em coming. (Also… very nice touch with the background sounds for each vignette.)

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