Legend of the Five Rings – Phoenix Clan Breakdown

We will be taking a look at the Phoenix Clan. We’re going to break down this clan of mystics and scholars, taking a look at each card from the core set and focusing on the themes that make Phoenix what it is.

What is Legend of the Five Rings?

Where did you get the card images?


Bobby Michealson says:

Like it, but are you putting out a video on the basics of the game? I’m somewhat lost

GibberingGeek says:

Really liking the content so far guys!

Justin O. says:

Solidly my second-favorite clan. I love their flavor of a clan of priest-wizards, and their control-style gameplay intrigues me.

Mighty Kong says:

I’m loving the content so far! I’d like to make a request though to have the narrator speak a bit slower in future videos. It can be hard for me to parse the information being relayed due to the speed in which he speaks.

Metodi Nikolaev says:

1:02 Incorrect. Togashi Yokuni is at 5/5 with 3 glory, making her exactly equal (in fact better due to the higher pure stats) with Shiba Tsukune

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