Legend of the Five Rings RPG Beginner Game Review

A Legend of the Five Rings Beginner Game Review. Legend of the Five Rings is a Samurai tabletop roleplaying game currently in it’s 5th edition by Fantasy Flight Games. This is a review for the beginner game which contains a starting adventure, maps, dice, tokens, pre-generated characters and more.
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Jason Kirkner says:

The adventure is too good FFG….it ruined the product!

2011scuba says:

Picked this up for $10 never played, box was pretty beat up, but FFG had that problem with the Star Wars boxes as well. I cant wait to finish my SWRPG campaign and try this out.

JCinLapel says:

L5R is a totally different type of setting every game is epic in feel. Most campians are all about being magistrates and doing detective work.

SilverKeyMan says:

This answers all of my questions perfectly… I have the core Rulebook and GM screen, but I haven’t picked this up. So basically, (1) pick it up, but (2) use custom characters so that it’s worthwhile. Gotcha. Thanks!

Andy MyHR says:

Fun and informative video, as I’ve come to expect from you. However, based on my understanding of L5R lore, I think you are greatly over-stating the position of ‘Topaz Champion’. It seems to me it is basically ‘Head of the Graduating Class’ type of honor.

JCinLapel says:

They chose this because it was the first modal in the original L5R AEG players hand book back in 1996. It is FFG way of sending a message to people like me that have been fallowing this setting for 20 years things may change but are the same

GrandAdmiralC says:

Well, time to dive the campaign I’m running straight into the ground so that I can play this.

Shane Welin says:

Like FFG needs any more of my money …..but I’ll probably get this….

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