Legend of the Five Rings RPG NEWS

Legend of the Five Rings RPG NEWS update. I go over several news articles by Fantasy Flight Games about their new sourcebook for Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game, the Emerald Empire.

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Jason Kirkner says:

I feel like I have had this one on preorder for over a year at this point….

SilverKeyMan says:

This makes me happy.

The only “Title” presented in the Core book is the Emerald Magistrate, presented on Pg305, and basically acts as a parallel school rank that can be completed to get a “Title Ability”, which unfortunately they left out and instead published in the Errata: “Voice of Authority: Once per game session when making a Scheme or Support action check using a Social Skill, you may choose additional targets equal to your Glory rank. You cannot choose any additional targets with Vigilance higher than the highest among your initial targets”.

Peasant characters are available on Pg 306.

In 4th edition (and previous additions?), monks accessed Kiho, while shugenja accessed spells/invocations. The Togashi (Pg69), for example, only have Kiho. I’m not really sure why the Kaito Shrine Keeper (Pg77) are listed as monks when they don’t have Kiho but do have invocations… other than thematically they deal with shrines… They are new (I think) to FFG, so I haven’t really seen much about them. I’m curious to see if others know more.

GrandAdmiralC says:

I want to play this, but I know that most of my playing group doesn’t have the capacity to play a character straight.

Shane Welin says:

I played 1st Edition in University. I think I still have my character kicking around too. It was so neat to tie it to the CCG.

MrSororitas says:

The Otomo family has one job in the lore and that job perfectly explains why they have the school they have. Centuries before the game is set the gozoku conspiracy happened. In essence three great clans (Crane, Phoenix and Scorpion) worked together and turned the emperor into little more than a puppet on the throne. After that was over the Otomo where handed one simple job: “Keep the great clans at each others throats so that nobody undermines imperial rule ever again.” And that is exactly what the Otomo family has done ever since. Sparking conflicts, sabotaging peace efforts and so on. The otomo have perfected the art of sowing dissent while using their imperial status as a shield and powerful weapon in court.

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