Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Review – with Zee Garcia

Zee takes a look at the latest LCG from Fantasy Flight Games, based on the popular collectible card game of the same name and taking place in the fantasy empire of Rokugan.

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Fatman4 says:

the set up reminds me so much Guerra de Mitos/Myths at War.
anyone else agrees with me?

Tanuki D says:

Could be fun. Too long and too expensive but fun. I’ll stick with Netrunner if only because it already took so much of my money 🙂

Roverdill says:

It will be ‘hot’ for a year, then people will dump their collections on the Dice Tower Con virtual flea market next year. I will buy two cores and the first cycle of packs for $20 from someone. I’ve done this with every LCG. It is such a sweet thing! Downside is that I will pass on this one.
I have L5R going back to the first set. I was a huge Shadowlands player, then Crab, then Spider, then Lion, and finally ended with Scorpion. L5R was hot again when Celestial came out. The game died as they power creeped the sets after that. It ticked off too many core players. Plus they screwed us over with redeeming Koku. I paid how much a year just to pre-buy some rares that I would eventually get in a booster box? It was a waste considering we only could put one copy of a rare character in a deck anyway. Back in the day, I got a cool magazine and lots of cool goodies for my koku, not some bleepity rares I didn’t need. Oh, and maybe a few promos they mailed to us for free as a kiss up for failing in all their empty promises, as they stated in the accompanying letters.
And then they decided to print some over-powered and over-priced sets as direct mail order only exclusives. That just ticked off the core players more. And don’t even remind me about how Lion dominated for so long. Suddenly players were quitting left and right. In a city of 2 million people, I found myself with no one to play against. Even the several guys in our area who were playtesters for over a decade walked away. Sigh. They just screwed us over too many times, which is why the game died.
I liked the old game, even with the constantly changing dueling rules every two years. Ergh! The new version is a shadow of its former self. L5R took skill to learn and play well. Too many people played it badly. Nothing is worse than two people playing against each other with poorly designed decks and lacking skill. I think that is at the core of the griping on this thread about the original game. Plus in the end AEG did everything in their power to screw us core players.

ENTPDuelist says:

An hour and a half? I was interested before but no thanks. Thrones is pretty quick so I think I’ll stick to that.

Daniel Nicácio says:

It seems FF is investing in the competitive play for L5R way more than for any other game they own, which is fantastic and very important for L5R. The competitive scene will continue to drive story and the future of the game. With that in mind, it sounds really strange that a match would take 1,5 to 2 hours. It shouldn’t take more than 55 minutes on average.

Scott P says:

it’s really complicated in places it doesn’t need to be. sad, looks like it had some great potential at earlier development phases

Aeravon1 says:

I miss the old game. Sigh. Zee did a great job in the review though.

Martin Pacheco Villegas says:

Ok… two dueling… I am out… Thanks xD

Shoes off says:

Good review. My guess is that FFG will release deluxe sets that cater to each clan.

jace76ful says:

The only thing i do t understand if you know the maximum amount is 3 why not put it all i one box instead of making me buy 3 even if the price would be as much as 3. It just feels like im getting drained on money buy deciding to buy 30 some dollars when i know I’ve gotta spend 90. This has made me decide no altogether. Expansions coming out fast as hell. Money money money ill pass.

Chris Henderson says:

Used to play this a lot back in the day…and still have quite the collection of cards…this looks very cool, of course.

Christian Barraza says:

This to me seems like a game with a steep learning curve, but is extremely rewarding if you are able to get into it (like Netrunner). I’m excited to know this game and play against someone who also understands the mechanics, because I feel like it may be one of the most interesting mind games and back-and-forths I could have with another player. So many careful decisions and choices at nearly every step. I think that’s pretty cool, and may make the game feel a lot more like the decisions you make matter, as opposed to just the cards you draw. I’m really excited for this!

NileSings says:

I really hope my FLGS takes part in the organized play!!!

Ramyann Murali says:

Seems great, and i can’t wait till it releases in a few months.
I don’t think it would be too difficult to house rule for multiplayer.
I agree with the feeling of snowballing of the original, hopefully this version fixes it.
Also i hope i don’t have to buy too many copies to have functional decks of each of the clans.

cartoon80s90s says:

I don’t know how they are handling the starter box in this game. What was frustrating with Netrunner was that you needed 3 starter boxes to get all 3 copies of some cards. It is what prevented me from liking the game as I was unwilling to pay extra for a few extra copies of the few cards that had only 1 copy in the starter. Things would be better if you only needed only 2 copies of the box, but generally, when a company starts a game with a move like that, I tend to stay away. Then again, this is FFG so dick moves like that is to be expected.

BTW, this was a great review. I feel I have a very good understanding of how the game plays after watching it once.

Eric Ernewein says:

I would be horrifically shocked if games went to 90 minutes after getting good at it. Will probably settle in around 20-30 minutes with efficient play. As that’s about what it was for me in Old5R and this one has a much more explosive start than that.

Rebel Lion says:

Fantasy flight games ruined this perfectly good game before they turned it into a LCG. It was a TCG.

Beau Roudebush says:

As a player from the beginning of the ccg days, I find this to be somewhat different from what I’m used to but in a way refreshed that they are breathing new life into this game. I have high hopes for this game as I am playing in the Kiku Matsuri tourney on Thursday and another tourney on Friday. Yes there will be story line events take place on Thursday for sure depending on how players play. They have had spoilers for each clan and Back story for each clan to figure out what their role is in the story at this point. I have made a lot of friends from this game local and international, and hope to make more friends for another 20 years.

Shane Laporte says:

Another excellent review Zee. Great job.

World of Warpaint says:

Have FFG run out of ideas?
Since GW left it seems like everything they’re dishing up is just a re-hash or reimplement of some other game with a different name slapped on.
Time to get some new designers guys.
L5R becomes the new and improved L5R (debatable)
X wing/Rune Wars becomes legion
Arkham horror flogged to death in several forms.
Twilight Imperium 4 another one
GOT LCG 2 another one
GOT the board game becomes wait for it….. L5R Battle for Rokugan. Yep, even has the player screens.
I’m interested in Fallout because it’s original and new, forget the rest.

Eyal Itsik says:

So the guy who dislikes LCGs and long games got to review an LCG that takes a while to play?

Romek Arkhonai says:

Very nice review Zee. If you dont mind, I can give you some feedback, as old5r veteran and newl5r player.
– first it was 90-120 mins for us, per game as well, but we went down to 45-60 after several plays, the only exception are games involving defensive Crab – up to 2h.
– nice that you mentioned new mechanics and how those tackled old problems – I have the same feelings, despite few old players who dont like the changes.
– I understand you review the game as a single box product but while reviewing FFG LCG you need to look at it as 3x core set as well (I deffinitely agree that every lcg has shallow cardpool at the beginning) , as this is how we play those starting first tournaments as well.
– game is outstanding, original was best card game ever for me and many of my friends, theres a huge scene waiting for the revival of the game, starving to get it. For me – a must have for fans and – deffinitely a game to try if you liked any LCG
– you could and should – mention about organized play, planned tournament scene and how players will be able to impact the game and the story
Keep up the good work, nice that game got atleast your attention, you will deffinitely see hordes of fans at Gencon

Jim Smith says:

Zee…I am entirely intrigued… great art, and good mechanism!!!! Don’t mind longer game. Sounds like the kind of game for people who love MTG… how much is that game? Is it out now?

soullos555 says:

hmm… not a fan of the back and forth gameplay of you take an action then I take an action. It’s one of the reasons I couldn’t get into Ashes. I prefer that each player has an entire round of actions to play like in Magic or Hearthstone, or LotR LCG. Long game times is a bummer. For a competitive game, I feel 20-30 minutes is ideal, 45 tops. Oh well at least my wallet is sighing in relief. 😉

Monkeytank says:

Im sorry but when he unveils the other clans in rubber bands the collector in me cringed. even if it is an lcg model why?

Andrew Day says:

Best review I’ve seen from Zee, thanks.

Andrew Larcher says:

This was one one the best reviews of a LCG/CCG they have done. the “TARGET” standards he hit on were very detailed, and based off of the qualities of the game, versus the distribution model. I wish they had done this type of review for SW: Destiny. Look forward to playing this game!

Chrysie Beryl says:

If this shows up in my FLGS i would buy it… but by the sounds of it someone else would have to have enough of an an interest in the game to buy it as well in order for me to enjoy this product. I am afraid to drop money on this especially never actually playing the original. Even more to the point is that dice masters in my area is drying up, that is an investment that im not sure im comfortable eating right now.

Its why i haven’t bought netrunner yet. And yet i feel this game i could very much love if i had the community around here.

I would like to see zee do an update further down the line, mahaps when some of those card packs come out.

Ben Montgomery says:

Loved the review, but please set down the box and either prop it up or put up a graphic. Talk with both hands. The shaking box is my only complaint.

UmJammerSully says:

TWO TO TWO & A HALF HOURS!? Absolute insanity. Once you know the rules games take about 45 minutes.

Tupinamba77 says:

Very good review, thanks. The only point I find strange is considering a 2-2.5h game as lengthy. For a strategy game, 2 hours is pretty straight forward, imo.

Nerds of Wisdom says:

Oh My GOSH! This game looks ridiculous. Bearly 8 minutes in, so much has been skipped over, but needless convoluted for a two player TCG. It’s like they are trying to make a Euro style TCG. There is no way I’m investing in this game.

vykos99 says:

Thanks for this extremely thorough overview, Zee. As an avid fan of the original game, I have been a little worried about what I’ve been seeing in the previews, so this provided a lot of info and comparisons that i think we all really needed. Still not sure what to think, mind you, and maybe that’s nostalgia goggles in play, but it’s given me a lot to consider. Again, thanks,

heathdud says:

Another pay wall money grab. Thumbs up on the video though

TechnoGolem says:

I really do despise the honor dial mechanically and thematically. Mechanically it makes it a hassle to play with more than 2 players. Thematically I hate it because it requires some clans that are supposed to be great and honorable duelists lose honor to ensure a win.

Other than that I really do like what I’ve seen for the game. My only complaints all seem to come from that honor dial.

Brian Ciuppa says:

Rubber bands? Jesus.

NathienSK says:

Yawn. Pass.

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