Legend of the Five Rings – The Way of the Dragon

As enigmatic monks, the Dragon Clan watch over the Empire from the monasteries and temples of their mountainous home.

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Whoolee says:

Another LCG???
I love LOTR LCG, Arkham LCG is very overated though and not so good, im not sure about the setting for this one, well see!

MisterBassBoost says:

Great stuff 🙂

acanthalid says:

needs more googly eyes

cartoon80s90s says:

Nice presentation of all the factions in these videos, but the fact that they come so far apart is killing all the hype. Enough with the teasers, just show the game already.

Haxxx5 says:

i really don’t like the fake Asian accent withLokugan at the beginning. The l-r confusion in Japanese is because the english and Japanese r sounds are completely different but both are rotic.

Walker Smith says:

Crab Clan Best Clan

Luis Martinez says:

I bet that was a white guy doin the intro…

Tiago Mexia says:

This looks like the intro to a Shogun 2 campaign, when the chosen clan is presented to you. I’m playing Dragon!

MisterBassBoost says:

Keep it up!

Joerr Kilnt says:

are you putting a tutorial video up soon? real interested but I don’t want to preorder without knowing new mechanics.

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