Legend of the Five Rings -The Way of the Phoenix

As Rokugan’s most mystical clan, the Phoenix are the keepers of the Tao of Shinsei, the servants of the spirits, and the caretakers of the Empire’s soul.

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Luc Sasaki says:

Got a Phoenix Tattoo and my oldest kids are named Kaede and Toku. Really hope FFG understands just how much people love their clan/characters!

Brian Paasch says:

I never had a clan I was loyal to back in the day when I played L5R (except maybe Nezumi, which is what I started with out of a Crab Clan stronghold, before Sensei were a thing), but I think this time around Phoenix are my clan. Can’t wait for this!

ZUR13L says:

Love these videos – the voice actor is awesome.

Ian Mackechney says:

Tutorial please!

Justin O. says:

The Phoenix Clan is a pathway to many abilities some would consider to be unnatural…

Whoolee says:

LOTR was good, Warhammer Adventure Card Game had the best formula i think but they dumped that, Arkham Card Game is overrated and clunky as hell , just cant get into it.

I think i am done on these LCG’s lol plus the theme is not great, Samurais etc are cool but its not like i would want to devote all my time etc on this theme.

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