Legend of the Five Rings – Worlds 2017 (Top 16 Match 1)

This is the Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game (LCG) Winter Court World Championship 2017 tournament hosted by Fantasy Flight Games at the FFG Event Center in Roseville, MN from November 1st-4th, 2017. There were over 350 players in the tournament. This is a featured match from the top 16 cut held on day 2.

Dragon Clan (Gabriel) vs. Scorpion Clan (Johnny)

How to play L5R LCG: https://youtu.be/GvDpf6KPfdA

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Bucket Think Tank says:

Loving this game, this and Thrones are becoming my new favorite things now to play.

Roy Rubanenko says:

wow, what a finish!

Dominick D'Ottavio says:

I think that the early attachment play was done to save actions but also to force the dragon to over commit on defense because of the high military so that he has a clear path for a political conflict later and leave the dragon player with less unbowed attackers for a military conflict.

BlackHand Plays says:

Around 29:00 He was playing cards pre-conflict into the Favored Niece so that he doesnt get as hurt by Restoration of Balance if he runs into it.

Max Jansson says:

Favored Niece’s ability is “Limit Twice per round.” That is per card title not per card, so two Favored Niece would still only be able to trigger their effect twice together. Same with spyglass, if you have three spyglass in play and commit all three to a combat you will only be able to draw two cards.

Battlemind says:

Such a good game to watch. Thanks Rob.

Joshua Morrow says:

6:18 the first fate was for the reveal of an Air province, for his role as Seeker of Air. Second fate was triggering the province’s action.

Michael Gee says:

Love this coverage and commentary. Thank you!!

Trulli9 says:

The scorpion player also forgot to gain 1 honor for the bid, as the dragon lost 1. cost him the game as he lost 2 honor for air ring and unopposed instead of living with 1 honor left.

Paulo Fernandes says:

Keep’em coming Rob, will get you some patreon love from south of the border soon!

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