Legend of the Five Rings – Worlds 2017 (Top 4)

This is the Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game (LCG) Winter Court World Championship 2017 tournament hosted by Fantasy Flight Games at the FFG Event Center in Roseville, MN from November 1st-4th, 2017. There were over 350 players in the tournament. This is a featured match from the top 4 cut held on day 2.

Scorpion Clan (Mark) vs. Crane Clan (John)

How to play L5R LCG: https://youtu.be/GvDpf6KPfdA

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Gabriel San Roman says:

The two voices at the beginning of the match were SO HUGE. Scorpian was behind from that point on.
The crane player not playing that assassination was also a good move. Crane just played much better in playing slowly and always keeping the Scorpian in check with every event card being canceled when it mattered.

Great game. Scorpian was in a hole from the two voices early on. Couldn’t apply the pressure from the Dishonors because of it. Very clutch.

phil hall says:

hi Rob I noticed in some of the games at Worlds the rings for L5R looked as if they where in plastic protectors like in this game where they something available for anyone to be able to get or where they special rings for the worlds. keep the L5R games coming as I love watching your coverage as I am shore there are a lot of others who like them also. look forward to more vids

Jason Hamer says:

Rob – Post about Coin Capsules here https://www.reddit.com/r/l5r/comments/70w3jg/ring_tokens/

Euler Machado says:

FIRST!!! This was the best match from worlds!!!

Joe From Cincinnati says:

Interesting thing to point out in this game: Mark didn”t put a fate on any of his characters during this game. That may have contributed to his loss in the long run.

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