Legend of the Five Rings – Worlds 2017 (Top 8 Match 1)

This is the Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game (LCG) Winter Court World Championship 2017 tournament hosted by Fantasy Flight Games at the FFG Event Center in Roseville, MN from November 1st-4th, 2017. There were over 350 players in the tournament. This is a featured match from the top 8 cut held on day 2.

Lion Clan (Samuel) vs. Crane Clan (Jeremy)

How to play L5R LCG: https://youtu.be/GvDpf6KPfdA

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Jérémy Rekier says:

Awesome! A new video on time for dessert. Keep ’em coming! Great job. Thanks for your efforts

Esau Megias says:

I don’t know if I’m missing something here but why the crane player didn’t use his stronghold the first turn of the game? He surely didn’t lost the province I think. Whit all my respect to one of the top 8 players from World, just wondering that. Thanks.

ArdulacBlue says:

I finally got to confirm my misplay and it was even more painful than I remembered. At 40:55, Bennies passes and I tried to play Court Games. If I had played the Political Rival in my hand instead, it could have absorbed his Court Games and I could have used my own Court Games to honor Hotaru and win the game. I spoke with him after the game and he said the only other card he had to help in that challenge was a Let Go in case I used a Fan (which I did have, but didn’t need).

Iazian says:

It took him literally four minutes to decide who to defend with @29:00… That’s kind of ridiculous and makes this hard to watch. Really enjoy the commentary though.

Kyle Nix says:

Thanks for another video, Rob. Just started watching, but that favor card looks like Moto Chagatai exp 4, one of the most busted L5R CCG cards to ever be printed, and the first one to be banned, if I recall correctly.

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