Legends of the Five Rings RPG GM Kit Review

The Legends of the Five Rings RPG GM kit review, this video explains why the gm kit for the L5R rpg is one of the best gamemaster kits ever made for a roleplaying game. Featuring an investigation heavy adventure about the search for opium-addicted samurai as well as character creation options and lore for the Tortoise Clan, one of the most interesting clans in all of Rokugan.


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GrandAdmiralC says:

I never had a screen before age of rebellion, but those things are hella useful.

Shane Welin says:

I LOVE how much stuff the GM screens come with. I remember buying the AD&D DM screen and just getting….the screen.

James Henderson says:

Fun! I don’t have the L5R game, but enjoyed hearing about the screen.

I do have a terrible weakness for a nice GM screen. I know they often aren’t the greatest VFM, but when I see a good one, I suddenly feel a great urge to possess. I am the Gollum of screens I guess.

Onionkid99 says:

FFG is doing an amazing job with this RPG. And you’re doing an amazing job of giving us the best info on the setting and system.
Crab clan is my favorite too! Tetsubo to the noggin’!

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