Let’s Check Out Volo’s Guide To Monsters!

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Ultra_Akuma Ye says:

A game store right next to a pizza place, honestly promoting unhealthy diets, HA!

Missus Webster says:

CataPOIDSLKSDJFOSIUE! HAHAHA! Couldn’t help thinking of Thor’s desctiption of Bilge Snipe.

VerumAdPotentia says:

“Giant words” Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?

VerumAdPotentia says:

To have a genuinely epic adventure, you need genuinely epic enemies.

5D6 BestOf3 says:

“the city of beholders” i fucking lold

Dervish DervishDervish says:

I miss the campaign diaries! It was mostly hearing the story of the realm you created unravel that captivated me.

B1CL0PS says:

“suddenly a toilet will happen”

Anistuffs - The Indian Let's Player says:

But where are the dogfolk?

Vince Evans says:

Is that a star craft board game in the background?!

John Lenin says:

If only you were a mime.

sailor poet says:

“College and the army” lmao that’s so true, but should include the navy

D L says:

“…I prefer men…” -Matthew Colville

David Martel says:

Wow! Thanks to you (and this book), my players will encounter a much better (deadlier) Gnoll war host. They have shrugged off the first Gnoll attack on a friendly camp, a small number of enemies. but now that the Gnolls caught their scent and witnessed their strengths, they will ambush them on the road… and will be more ready to try and kick their PC asses. 🙂

Daniel Fisher says:

Hey, I’m not sure if this is the place to ask this, but I have an evil bard in my party, and I tend toward more powerful magic items, and honestly I don’t really understand bards. Given that he is evil, he will likely go college of secrets, or whichever one that is. I need suggestions for things to do with his character with respect to magic Items. What are some good series of things to give him?

MrPlunderloot says:

yes lots of D&D in the Army, as well as the rest of the military

Pauline Carberry says:

Do you ever upload any videos of you and others playing dnd?

Peregrine Hawthorne says:

I don’t know if it’s because it’s 3AM or it’s because Matt Colville is fucking hilarious, but the Cranium Rat bit has slain me.

R says:

All the money I don’t have. Wait that’s not true. I have tons of money. I am a well payed employee of turtle rock studios” he corrected, fearfully whilst looking over his shoulder.

trequor says:

For psionics and other “alternative magical abilities” in 5e i always just assumed that they used “spells” for mechanical purposes only. A spell-like effect that allows use of premade (and prebalanced) game mechanics and descriptions. I assume the FLAVOUR of psionics is completely different, as well as the lore mechanics and reasoning. Using spells as abilities is just an easy to produce mechanically balanced abilities

Kubomi says:

If you try marijuana you need to stream it.

Crit Squad says:

Our editor has a Tabaxi Monk running in a Curse of Strahd adventure and it is AWESOME. Did you ever end up running one in a campaign?

BenjaminFrancis Rodriguez says:

Victor Almohalla.

disenchanted.forest says:

There’s nothing wrong with a fat Doctor Strange. You can absolutely cosplay characters who don’t match your body type! Cosplay who you want 😀

Joe Rogers says:

Never realised you were a pipe smoker. The weather is getting good for it over here in the UK now.

Noki Redtail says:

Wait.. they include stats for playable Yuan-ti PCs but not Gnoll PCs?? What kind of anti-Gnoll racism is going on over at WoTC?

Adamo Leoni says:

He looks handsome. He has just to lose a couple of pounds, but he looks a fine man. The exact opposite of the dnd player stereotype.

TheHobgoblyn says:

The PC race blocks in this book are absolutely terrible. Terribly balanced, often with abilities that violate the spirit of the game and a general feel that the person who wrote them had no grasp on the basics of what makes races work or fail.. and clearly 0 playtesting done because even a cursory attempt would have demonstrated problems.

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