Lion Clan Preview | Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game

Designer Brad Andres joins us for a thematic and mechanical overview of the Lion Clan, one of the Great Clans featured in the new Legend of the Five Rings card game by Fantasy Flight Games!

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Ibleedjiujitsu says:

white boys translating asian culture. whooop.

Rowan Gavin says:

Damn, what is that ending theme you have for your L5R videos? It’s wicked! Can I find it in full anywhere?

83Galactus says:

The term “standing army” is being used a lot without potentially realizing the implication and specificity of the term. “Standing army” means the use of a permanent and professional fighting force (usually through some form of conscription or the like) that exists separately from the system of feudal obligation of historic samurai (societal class-based).

Are true blue standing armies a norm for Rokugan/the Lion Clan? Or is it a misnomer for the more customary feudal armies that we see coming from (with periodic exceptions) the feudal Japanese eras?

Game Talker says:

Lion clan all the way! family, tradition, honor, pride. Love it!

Tero Naumanen says:

the cards i have seen here are quite big dissapointment, at least 80 % of the cards have terrible art.

Spanner1971B says:

I dont think Id call it a standing army, when they disappear at the end of the turn.

iGGy eo says:

can not wait for CRAB clan!!!

Amante says:

Game’s looking great! I hope Mantis is coming eventually, but there’s always Scorpion…

MisterBassBoost says:

Quite good video, awesome!

faxhandle says:

I know nothing about L5R, but this game seems interesting, especially after being all in for Star Wars Destiny. Should I be looking to play this without knowledge of L5R?

ZylyzNumir14 says:

This game seems really interesting. Has there been an expected release date announced yet? Also, I haven’t played the older version of L5R and haven’t been able to find a concise tutorial for the updated game. Is there a game tutorial out, and how different are the new L5R rules over the older game?

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