New Expansion and Adventure for Legend of the Five Rings!

New expansion and adventure news for legend of the five rings rpg. A new sourcebook was announced for crane clan and crane lands called Courts of Stone. I talk about the newly announced minor clan Deer clan and the role they play in the Emerald Empire. I also talk more in detail about the Shadowlands Sourcebook as well as the Winter’s Embrace Adventure which focuses on the Emperor’s Winter courts.

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JCinLapel says:

I am eager for fox clan (druid like that are part of the yurtomos alliance) and bat clan (they are shuginja gifted with a way to send messages to each other all over the Empire

G. Whistler says:

FFG are bizarre. All the clan sourcebooks, just like with the Star Wars career books, are great, but you need this stuff to be realesed alongside the core book otherwise what’s the point? The Crane clan player will have already created his character! Already be playing the game!

sunsin1592 says:

I’ve been on the fence about buying this edition, but this video may have pushed me over. This stuff just looks too cool. I played a little first edition but drifted into other games, partly due to player preferences. Now I’m looking into starting some thing new later this year and the setting of L5R really appeals to me. The fantastic art is also a plus; the maps alone make it almost worth buying.

Jason Mabry says:

Holy hell you are alive! Great video! I just got in to L5R 5e (the REAL 5e RPG) and these videos are great companions to the books!

GrandAdmiralC says:

Minor clans!

Thurman stevenson says:

I love the hare clan they hunt down blood speakers

SilverKeyMan says:

This must have JUST been posted on their website, because this is the first I’ve heard of it. Awesome!

Yview says:

Did you play the game yet ? How did it go ?

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