RollPlay Presents: a 5E Roundtable Discussion (EP1)

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Join RollPlay’s very own Adam Koebel as he hosts a roundtable discussion with Matthew Mercer, Mike Mearls, and Matt Colville on the popular tabletop ruleset: D&D 5th Edition!


John Dot Com says:

The first thing I noticed in 5th edition was the diversity. The black skinned fighter, the female dwarf and orc. I played early D&D and I can say with confidence that 5th edition is a masterpiece. The most lacking aspect of D&D has always been a stigma and lack of players. 5th edition works really well to bring new people into the world and I love it.
Stay fly Much love

Ghastly Grinner says:

1:43:26 disgusting

The Wail of a Dying Coyote says:

Someone shut that androgynous troll doll up, please.

David Sastre says:

Mm, Neapolitan

Garth Oxner says:

Hi guys. I love your production. May I ask what software is used in this production? Thank you!!

GruntBurger says:

Since it seems like sjw story time, I’ll share two of my experiences with racial and gender bigotry at the table.
Of the 10 women I have dated, 6 of them ridiculed me for playing tabletop rpgs from the moment it came up. 2 agreed to play. My current girlfriend is absolutely hooked. The other made a complete mockery of the game, ruining it for myself and the other two players. She then ridiculed me mercilessly every time I would play thereafter.
I have successfully introduced 2 black individuals to d&d. Nobody in the group treated them any differentially. You know who did? Their other black friends, who mocked and teased 1 into quitting. The other was mocked and alienated, but just didn’t care. He liked the game too much.
So it really pisses me the fuck off when the d&d community is referred to as in any way exclusive to white men. Fuck all the way off with that talk.

Condor DM says:

The only real DM/GM there is Matt Colville.

Daniel B says:

The pink hair bs takes away from the quality.

TeK says:

i don’t agree with the sentiment that it’s gonna be a nice thing not having these 4 ppl on a roundtable in 5 or 10 years..i’m not watching this discussion cause we are al white males…i’m watching it cause i value your opinions and honestly you could be a monkey with 3 heads i would still enjoy this discussions

XthegreatwhyX says:

Have you noticed how Matt’s face changes fucking age depending of his expression?

Joseph Perry says:

1:21:40 Matt Colville be like, you can’t break my game

Adam Wagner says:

I know I’m late to this, but thank you for what you said about game shops. For the longest time, I felt like I didn’t belong there. Now that I work at one, I can definitely see the difficulty in drawing in gamers as well as maintaining an open and inclusive atmosphere which encourages gamers to meet other people, and vice versa.

Lightning Panda says:

I can’t help but smile every time Mike Mearls smiles

Billy Jackman says:


Iain Russell says:

Is this planned as a podcast? I’ve love to be able to listen to this while i commute.

SacrificialLamb71 says:

I’m staring at the clown with the pink hair, and I’m laughing hysterically… a fucking retard. He looks so idiotic with this weird combination of birth control glasses, beard, and PINK FOOFY THING on top of his head.

When I first saw him, I laughed so hard….that I almost choked. Warning to millennials, this is what happens when there’s waaaaaay too much soy in your diet, lol.

Sam Hintz says:

When Mike talks about initiative for social encounters… That’s what this interview needed.

Dakota Campbell says:

Thanks, watching this has really taken away a lot of my disparity as an upcoming DM and to really understand that the rules aren’t rigid, they are as flexible as you want them to be 🙂

LCBcrow says:

Listening to this it made me feel like the changes they are talking and wondering about in the game development scenario (that is: which way new gdr are going to be developed) have already happened. The gdr panorama is not going to change in 3-5 years: it has already happened. Just look at all the “apocalypse powered” stuff that’s out there. The sheer quantity of the stuff gives you an idea of the amount of people involved. And that’s only one thing. The movement behind GDRs is huge. I don’t believe it’s going there’s going to be a really big change in the actual number of players, most probably if there’s a going to be a big shift in the next few years is just on the side of how loud the movement will become.
But that’s just the opinions of someone standing mostly in the sidelines.

nooby900 says:

unearthed arcana was talked about but what about Dm’s allowing classes from the wiki homebrew? is this good or bad?

Joseph Mort says:

Colville and Mercer speaking to one another… I have died and gone to Heaven.

Nicky Valentyne says:

Honestly i would love to see the rocky/rough start of a campaign together, the pulling people together element would be great for GM/DM’s learning to do it themselves. To also show games don’t run perfect/well oiled as well. as a starting DM myself its tough getting it out of your head that it is going to all run smoothly XD

Everlet t says:

matt mercer looks very evil while the other guys get into what dnd is. What evil plans are you laying down in you mind mr dm what indeed.

Julian Wyer Jr. says:

Can anyone explain to me, a person who has never played 4e, and has only heard that it was focused on combat, is being said to be a game that is a version that is not true to elements that make it DnD

Nayru's Love says:

Mister Koebel, please interrupt your guests less!

Sean Anderson says:

I have to agree. As I watch streamed campaigns I wish I could go back in time a be a better DM than I was. I’ve learned so much from watching Force Grey (Love you Matt!). I’m in a tough place right now where I can’t play at the moment, but soon I hope to bring the joy of D&D to new players some day.

Thorin Peterson says:


And lo’ it came to pass that the Samurai’s ability was still not powerful enough

Though Xanathar’s guide was shipped anyway

Anon ymus says:

1:46:03 O fuck off you fucking Racists. Hate those SJW’s that try to exploit racism to sell their shit.

Pandering to new demographics means changing stuff that the old demographic likes. That’s why there is backlash. Plenty of non-whites play DnD, and have been playing it for a long, long time.

You are fucking doochenozzles, and should reevaluate your lives. Get out of your echo chamber, and talk to actual people, instead of reading stuff in the news by people that earn money from spreading racial division.

Carlo Marasigan says:

One of the first things I had to look for in 5e is whether or not there are alignment restrictions. So can I now have a chaotic Paladin? I couldn’t find anything that says no. And I thought wow. Im still getting used to the freedom of 5e.

Conor Pender says:

“I grew out of playing other RPGs” @17:31
To me that comes across as condescending and a bit ridiculous.

mrlandby says:

Yeah, alignment is worthless for PCs.

Austin Poor says:

I really like this, but I do feel like, Adam is kind of, missing the forest for the trees, when he talks about homogony. I mean yeah they’re all straight white guys. But they’re very different in nearly every other way. Just because those differences aren’t in race gender or sexuality doesn’t mean we need to force those differences to happen. Personally I think if anything, that is a source, not a solution, to racism sexism, and homophobia.

Shattered Knight says:

“I have some of the greatest nerds…” What an asshole. YTers like to use ‘nerd’ and ‘geek’ thinking it’s funny. Such as Matt Mercer’s channel. Or even the channel that does recipes. It’s extremely offensive and stupid. Nobody should be calling anybody nerd or geek. Nobody should be identifying as such. I would never call somebody that. And I would tell people they aren’t nerds or geeks. So shouldn’t be even self identifying that. And anybody that does self-identify as ‘nerd’ or ‘geek’, I’d prefer the term – toxic trash. Because if you’re calling others ‘nerd’ or ‘geek’, then that is what you are – toxic trash. And this includes those who identify themselves as such.

Kurt Terfloth says:

Well done Adam! You facilitated this discussion really well. 🙂

Simon Murray says:

I fucking hate Matt Koebel, bad DM, poor speaker, terrible hair and moreso he TALKS OVER EVERYONE AND DOESNT SHUT UP

TreeFolkDruid says:

I dont know if they do it or not, but Wizard of the Coast should make MINIS! I need minis! all I have is skeletons, zombies, worgs and a shade and bat… (from warhammer when I was 10 and painted some)

gdoggcasey says:

There are a few things about the diversity conversation at the end that bug me. All 4 of these guys are very smart and know a lot about D&D They are interesting to listen to and I was invested in the entire video. Then someone makes the comment that it sucks that they are 4 white dudes talking about how its a ‘white man’s’ game and they hope in 5 years its not like that. But in 5 years I would love the see the same group have the exact same conversation again, just updated. I don’t care that they are white, or that they are dudes, or gay or straight. I am all for diversity in games, and I think D&D just inherently is more open to any type of character you want then any other type of game. It may not have been in the rules that you could be trans, or gay…but to me that was always a choice anyone could make even if it wasnt specified. I am not mad that it was specified here, I just didn’t realize it was an issue.

Hugo Jean says:

I played on AL and this ass hole rogue took the staff of charming…

Just A Regular Guy says:

Was enthralled until the contradiction of making D&D culture more open and then immediately following up with the “toxic masculinity” trope.

Bilbolicious says:

I must say, I disagree with all the negativity pushed towards Adam in the comments. I too cam here from Colville and Critical Role but I found Adam to be a great moderator for this roundtable. I love hearing the Matts and Mike share their opinions but we shouldn’t be here bashing Adam for hosting them and bringing such a band of great DnD guya together.

Shamus Todd says:

I could not agree more about how we remember the greatest moments of D&D as ourselves in the moment. I remember high points from 30-35 years ago in that way back when I was still just a player. As a DM I ran a group of five other people about 12 years ago that summed up a two year, weekly campaign with a total party kill against an ancient huge red. When occasion happens that that campaign comes up every member of that group has strong happy memories about that legendary fight with a shape changing, magic using, ancient dragon. They always refer to themselves as “We” & “I” and the smiles on their faces is what tells me how those moments have stayed with them for all these years. As a DM, a smile from those kind of game memories means a lot to me.

mzimmermanj says:

“That’s a whole other fettle of kish!” Love this!

elgatochurro says:

what the fuck is that thing in the upper left???

OstravaTheBrave says:

I want someone to count how many times Mike blinks his eyes. Please..

GM Arcbolt says:

I loved 4e. Having played BECMI/RC, AD&D 2e, 3e, 3.5, 4e and 5e (and having ran games in all but 2e), 4e just clicks for me.

kopar199 says:

Top 10 Anime Crossovers of All Time

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