Should I play Legend of the Five Rings LCG?

Should I play Legend of the Five Rings LCG? Tell me. I’m usually the one telling you guys, it’s your turn to tell me if something sucks or not. (Legend of the Five Rings is a living card game by Fantasy Flight Games.)

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JCinLapel says:

I don’t play it I did play the AEG CCG I dont like the mechanic but I never played it. The thing is the LCG will influence the RPG in the new story ark. So if you want to be a voice to the RPG future go for it

esweeney47 says:

My gaming store in the previous city that I lived in had a big L5R card game population.  Having talked to people who played both the pre-Fantasy Flight game and the post-Fantasy Flight game, I know that some of the game mechanics got changed a bit.  When you’re doing research about what it’s like to play a game, make sure that you’re getting info from the current edition.  (I personally hated the old combat system, but I’m told that it’s been updated to be more like Magic the Gathering.

Joshua horner says:

I personally love the living card game. There is actual strategy involved to playing especially since there are no rare cards and everyone has access to the same card pool. You can’t buy victories simply by having the fattest wallet. I don’t understand why others are saying the game is long. Games that I play usually only take 45 minutes to an hour. Overall it’s a well designed game with deep game play which is why I love it.

Andy MyHR says:

As someone who owns a complete playset of everything released so far but doesn’t have a clue how to p;lay I say: yes, dive in head first! Learn it and teach me please.

All the lore is shared between the LCG and RPG.

Also, I know you don’t listen to many game podcasts, but I highly recommend you check out The Last Province Podcast. Each episode is about an hour + of lore and and hour + on the LCG (and occasionally RPG) for L5R. One of the long time contributors/writers is a guest host. I’ve found it *extremely* informative.

Caleb Hall says:

Man I’m in the exact same boat. Absolutely obsessed with the RPG and I need more lore and content, and that Coville video got me super interested in the new LCG. Not a huge card game guy (the only one I played a lot of and semi competitively was Naruto way back in the day), but I like the idea of not having to buy a shit ton of booster packs all the time just to stay competitive. If you do get into it, please make a video about your thoughts!

Twelvecarpileup says:

Been playing since the first edition. Lorewise: The story constantly progressed over the years with the CCG (your description is pretty accurate). With winners of tournements taken aside and told things like “Alright, you just lead your clan to victory and discover ‘X’ what do you do?” which would determine the story. When FFG took over, they took the lore back to basically the beginning of the game. Made sense to me since who wants 20 years of lore to deal with. What’s better? Jumping into a game where “oh, we’re fighting for fake japan” vs “Oh we’re fighting for fake japan, and also fucking around in fake india which was eaten by some weird creature things… and some other shit’s happening.” Makes more sense since you can focus on the original fan fav characters.

As a CCG player I didn’t get as excited about the game as I should have. Lack of players and enough changes to the mechanics to take away some of my favorite aspects of it was enough for me to take a pass. Plus like most LCG’s you need to buy two core sets, and dropping a hundred dollars on a game that not a ton of people play is a bit difficult to stomach.

SteveisBoard says:

Wow i totally took a quick break from editing in the middle there.

Yview says:

it is useful! it is Daidoji Uji on the cover of the card pack. worst come to worst you have a picture if you use him in your RPG.

how I plan to run the RPG is parellel to the story happening in the LCG (only by reading the fictions and checking the cards, I am not playing the card game and have no intention to)
so, the world change with the LCG story as the players do their quest.

and yeah, focus on L5R ! we need some of your wisdom on the system !

Derek Duran says:

It is fun, but extremely tactical (surprise moments are in almost every card move). The wording on the cards can make it cumbersome to understand and it slows down gameplay. Hopefully that eases up with familiarity of the cards

The unofficial game piece token replacements on Etsy for this game are really nice and add to the gameplay.

Bluhfer says:

Just burn it..


Yview says:

I want more L5R rpg content, I am ANXIOUSLY EXPECTING it from you! And you should really read all the fictions for the card game in chronological order, it is quite good.

Justin says:

I feel like my players for the L5R RPG are tired of hearing my hype for the game. Its nice to hear someone else as excited for a change. 🙂

SilverKeyMan says:

I’ve collected and played the 3e, 4e, and 5e versions of the RPG, but I couldn’t quite get into the old L5R card game. I’d be curious to see if the new version is better, so I would definitely tune in for reviews and info.

On an unrelated note, the L5R “Battle for Rokugan” board game is amazing. The map is a little distorted from the actual Rokugan, but the game is quick to play (about 40min), and a tonne of fun.

GrandAdmiralC says:

It is well known that I am presently all about this universe.

Adam Shelar says:

I recently bought the core box and one booster. I like the game’s mechanics, but I’ve only played it once so far. I’m currently on the prowl to find L5R players in San Diego. Also, your recent content on the RPG has me really interested in that as well. I never played any of the other editions, but I like Star Wars and Genesys, and I’ve always loved the L5R setting (I used to play the Wizards version of the CCG). Keep up the awesome content, brother!

Kukuku says:

I am hyped for the L5R rpg. I would love to see more videos about it!

Rennard Fuchs says:

Depends on what you are searching in a card game. It is not a typical ccg like MtG (my dudes vs your dudes) Every move must be planned ahead, assessing the tricks in your sleeves and in many cases a multitude of possible actions to perform. The game is long and complex, but the patience is rewarded with a deep game where skill is definitely more important than luck. Also important is the fact, that most “bad moves” are not visible at first glance. If you like the theme and an intense, complex game, L5R is for you. If you just like to turn cards sideways – no.

AZJaguar says:


So I am an owner of both the RPG and the LCG. I am trying to buy up everything they release for both. I will be honest, I do not play the card game that offten due to no one else in my area I know plays it, But I feel if you are really into the RPG, the card game will be good for you as well. My friends love playing the RPG and I use the cards as, “Here is who you meet.” Kind of reference. So they are great to introduce NPCs and show what they look like. Also something I LOVE with each pack, you get a short story that takes place in Rokugan. These little stories here and there from the LCG packs gives me inspirations to incorporate into my own games for the RPG.

Also, the Card game is great if you just want to have a quick match with a friend without having to pull out the RPG books and come up with something, and roll the dice. I also find it interesting that you can even use it as a supplement to a major battle within your RPG setting. That way the war is won more on strategy than luck of the roll, but that is just me. So there is no waste in buying the cards.

I also suggest looking into the fiction books as well. They give you a great story that will inspire you and players of the RPG. They also give you promo cards for the LCG, and to top it off, in the back of the book are colored pages to give you more references to use in the RPG game as well. So a win all around no matter what you play, or simply just a reader.

Jared Johnson says:

So here ya go,

Pros: Really thematic card game, every aspect of the game feels like it fits the world with the duels the fate system the provinces, and the honor. If you enjoy deck building this is great cause you get TWO decks to fiddle around with, one with characters the other with your events/spells/equipment. Each faction feels very unique and flavorful, so you could easily find the clan that fits your style of play.

Cons: This game takes a long time to play, longest card game I’ve ever played in fact. And it is pretty complicated. There are several phases and because the games take so long it has a pretty steep learning curve. Also if you do not enjoy deck building then it’s a con cause you need to build two separate decks (and I guess decide on what provinces you want to bring) so that could be a con.

As an avid card gamer I enjoy this game a lot, though I also play games like Keyforge and Star Wars Destiny as lighter quicker card games.

kevlotonium says:

It’s the most involved card game I’ve ever played. It’s very challenging. And it’s worth every second.

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