Should you play Legend of the Five Rings (lcg): The new player experience

Legend of the Five Rings (or L5R) is a reboot of a card game from a while ago. This time the game is a living card game rather than a collectible one but the question remains as to if it is worth an investment in time and money. (Correction to video, first cycle of expansions come out once every week!)

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how it’s different/how it plays: 1:59
thoughts on game and its cost/value: 21:39

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Carlos Eduardo Saldanha says:

Just to clean some misconceptions,

Legend of the 5 Rings, the original one, was previous to A Game of Thrones LCG, as you said. That’s correct.
However, Legend of the 5 Rings, the original, has nothing to do with this game per game mechanics. Sure, it has the same theme. Sure, it has the two decks. Sure, it has Provinces and Characters. Sure, it has Honor. But… it’s a very different game.

The L5R license was aquired from AEG to FFG after A Game of Thrones Second Edition came out. This is relevant.

L5R as it is right now, is a game that came out AFTER A Game of Thrones 2E.

So in the end, when you say it has some things in common you may say it has A LOT of things in common.
The new L5R has more in common with AGOT 2E than it has with its original version. And doesn’t matter being older than AGOT because this L5R is not the original L5R besides theme and elements. Gamewise is pretty much AGOT 3E into Rokugan.

Also you should try Lord of the Rings The Card Game instead.
1. it’s cooperative, which is way better to play WITH your son and not AGAINST it
2. it’s by far a better polished and designed game than this one
3. it doesn’t have the random shenanigans Arkham Horror The Card Game has
4. it’s very cerebral and great for developing deckbuilding skills
5. final point, it’s the best card game FFG is publishing

The new L5R is just plain bad. FFG has been producing bad games since Star Wars LCG, which is also a bad game.
In SW:LCG they tried to import some mechanics of old L5R into it. The result was a clunky game.
Then they designed the Warhammer 40K Conquest, which is the LCG greatest hits game, a mix and mash of mechanics used in other LCG into a strong IP just for the sake of profit.
Then FFG ruined a good game that was AGOT for its Second Edition that turned the game into a slow-paced drag game. Players disliked it and it went from the most played game from FFG into the 3rd one after Android: Netrunner and newL5R.
And new L5R is just the evolution of the AGOT 2E with a new theme and different nuances. It’s a poor game regarding decisions since most of them have benefits for the opponent which turns in what was one of the best card games ever designed into a game of tokens, dials and gimmicks.

Try the original version and then tell me (and tell us) what you think about it and compare into this new one.
Disclaimer: it’s not an easy game so it’s not the best to play with your son.

But honestly, try Lord of the Rings LCG. Their best game at the moment, hands down.

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