The Brand New Legends Of The Five Rings RPG Beginner Game!

Role playing games are on the rise, partly because the technology connecting people has gotten so much better. Fantasy Flight released a new starter set to get you into the game


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cfusionpm says:

How do you like this compared to D&D or Pathfinder? Have you played it yet?

Anomen1010 says:

Hard to choose this over D&D

Cinocephalus says:

Just for people who don’t know L5R from before, this edition (5th) has completely changed the rules of the game with a new system that uses special dice with symbols. Players of the older editions are used to another ruleset. (In my personal opinion is a shame that they are ditching the whole older system with which the game evolved).

peacebuds530 says:

Thank you for making videos that have nothing to do with Magic. That company is toxic. They are the worst.

MrMaxBoivin says:

Say NO to Roll20. They can’t keep politics out of their site. If you want to make a male-only group (for some reason), you’ll get banned. Women only group? Sure, no problem!
Fantasy Ground seem to remain neutral.

Anthony Leab says:

I played the old game. I love the setting. I’ve played a Crane Samurai, a crab shujenja, and a scorpion ninja (based off of George Taki).

airkami says:

I miss playing the L5R RPG it is so much fun

Jason Kirkner says:

Nice review, I’m excited for the release on this one….the beginner box has been released, but it’s new. The rulebook and full game release is not out yet.

Dont Mindme says:

They probably had to submit the finished product to the printer when they opened pre-orders in April and that was the most recent catalog available at the time. It is indeed a new, just released, product.

paganeagle2001 says:

They always put in old catalogues in games, they have done it for years…

Steve Strangelove says:

Played the old game, its fun on paper but you need a good master to make it work because the setting is quite constrained to what can happen and the flexibility for interesting characters. Basically you need people who can play more than just different flavors of samurais.

Vara Dark says:

I really enjoy the layed back Jeremy that looks like he’s enjoying the games he talks about. Everytime you talk about Magic, even if it’s positive, you seem so unenthusiastic, which I understand why. I’d love to see you cover more RPG’s, I really like your dead TCG Series, and I enjoy the Gameplay over on the Quartering. You seem to have the most fun with these topics.

Fighting Games Forever says:

The real LoT5R is the card game on which the RPG is based.

Filthy Casual says:

Some friends of mine said you supported white supremacists. Is this true? This is a serious question. No troll. I like your content

Gaudia Certaminis says:

Spread out the games. Tease us…

UnsleevedMedia says:

I’ve Got Maybe 20 More Games To Show You From Gencon. Should I Rapid Fire Them Or Keep Spreading Them Out? Please Keep CRUSHING That LIKE Button On The Videos It Really Helps a ton! I Appreciate All Your Support!

Mildra says:

L5R has held a special place in my heart for years (even through the 2nd edition of the RPG which we don’t talk about). Hell, i’m wrapping up a 4e campaign with it as we speak, though i’m not jumping to 5th edition just yet.

That said, this box seems pretty standard for FFG’s beginner boxes they’ve done with their Star Wars trilogy, got no problems with it and I hope to see you cover more RPGs in the future. If at all possible, maybe one from Mophidius(sp)?

~The Monk

Victor Leyva says:

Wish there was an app were i could find other players of games…

The God of Myth says:

Love seeing obscure games on your channel that deserve more attention. One obscure game I’d like to see in the future maybe is Dragon Dice, an older game from the 90’s that is still being made, I’m curious as to your take on the game.

Plague Prophecy says:

Please cover the obscure :D, it is always interesting to see new stuff

DYnamite Kiid says:


Chris Rogers says:

I definitely want to pick this up. I’m not super familiar with the L5R universe but it’s got samurai and such so I’m down.

Michael Barclay says:

It’s brand new.

Parpaing says:

The blue one is most DEFINITELY a man. I am trained in the art of trap discovery, and that is my verdict. The chinese standard of beauty have some fairly androgynous men, that have such fair skin that it makes the maidens blush. (and obviously, long hair)

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