The Broken Meeple – Legend of the Five Rings Core Set Review

Fantasy Flight Games have rekindled an old AEG flame by bringing us back Legend of the Five Rings in an LCG format. Aside from beautiful artwork, does this game have enough to stand up to the other LCG greats out there? And will they ever turn over a new leaf and include more value in their core sets? Hear my perspective from a 1 x Core Set and 3 x Core Set view.


Colin Ho says:

Thank you for this review and the warnings!

Scott Wallbank says:

Fair review. Glad you got to do a three core game to get both perspectives. With the clan cards being “one ofs” subsequent core set purchases actually have less wasted cardboard compared to some of the other LCGs. A third LOTR core set to complete the collection is for roughly a dozen cards.. Problem being, with 7 clans and two decks for each, the card pool and game experience from a single core is very shallow. It’s frustrating that FFG keep up this practice rather than a larger starting box that gives a full initial set for their games.

Nunkeymutts says:

You can play around the hidden province with cards like cautious scout (in the core set), or ‘poking’ the province on your first attack with a single character. I agree to a limited degree about the issue with cores. However – three cores will net you seven competitive decks… each with a very distinctive flavour. You can pick up 3 cores from various dealers on offer – and I can’t imagine what the equivalent cost (for seven, competitively playable decks) would be in other systems. 1 set will give you (as you say) a decent intro – with someone playing a 1 core deck.

Murat says:

I finally understand how LCGs work, thanks to your video. You know, I am quite isolated from the gaming community, so these channels are the only way to keep me up to date. Excellent, independent and to the point review to help anyone with their decision to buy/or not to buy the game. I also like the fact that as a member, you support the Dice Tower Network.

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