The Greatest Story in Gaming, Legend of the Five Rings

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Thurman stevenson says:

Aw man I wish I could have played in the day of thunder but I was only 5 lol

Chris Howker says:

Not sure if someone has already mentioned in the previous 484 comments on this video but i know Steamforged Games with Guild Ball have adopted this idea maybe not as involved as the players of this tournament you tell but their current storyline is Union in Chains – the sort of freelance players for hire becoming veteran versions of themselves and joining a different team.. I also guess GW have tried this with the new Dark Imperium/Fate of Konor story too. it’s great hearing of your experience of this and how the story was passed by word of mouth and developed by the players not jsut the players helping choose an outcome. anyway… thank you for making these videos

Pru-Pruh says:

Everything about this sounds amazing. I play MtG and while I enjoy the flavor and story of it and occasionally read story posts, this L5R stuff is clearly a whole other -level- tier. I love everything about this. I’ve heard people mention L5R as an amazing card game from the past, but I would never have guessed the scope of it.

Sweet video, Mr. Colville.

TuckerAuthor says:

I feel you on the “manning the booth” problem and having to miss the thing you went to the Con for. My only time to go to GenCon was in 1987 and I was working for a company that had miniatures for the BattleTech game, among other things, and I sat in that booth for the vast majority of the weekend 🙁 It was still a great experience, but I wonder at all the stuff I missed as well.

SuccubusKayko says:

Sir Colville. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the LothFR roleplaying game, but I have pdf copies if you would like me to send them to you. It take place, I believe (haven’t read them in a while) after the events of the original card game’s outcome. The majority of the lore is about the Totori line taking over as the leaders of the empire. A group of mine played it about 5-6 years ago and I think it was the most immersed and the most fun I’ve ever had in a roleplaying game. There are two versions, there was one that was, I believe, created by AEG, I may be wrong, and another version that was a third party conversion to 3rd or 3.5 edition of D&D. Please let me know if you are interested and I’d be happy to send you what I have.

Bitterleaf Castle says:

Emperor Hen-tai? Excuse me?

dandyx12 says:

Great Vid, glad the FFG version has reset the timeline, the story whilst great it became impenetrably dense

RaoGung says:

Thanks for the story. It was pretty awesome. It’s a shame there isn’t anything like this.

Felipe da costa Nunes says:

Really nice Story! And you mentioned “league could have things like this…” Hey..guess what, they actually did hehe, I don´t know why they didn´t evolve the story into something else…

BUT! League of legends once had a match to decide the fate of a part of their world, look for “battle for Ionia”, I think I have it recorded, but it was a Lore Match! The Victorious team would take over that part of land, it was SUPER cool, but unfortunatelly, I saw it happen only once…

Smeetheens says:

17:50″He’s this, that, and another thing, and he’s a commie”

RazorCrane says:

Good video and a great overview of the L5R story. I was a Crane clan player up in Seattle back in the late 90s and I was lucky enough to play L5R back in its golden (jade!) days. Your video brought back a lot of fond memories. Good lord I would love to see this game come back in some way.

We had a large group of players at Everett Community College and would play almost every day. We actually came up with a good way to make this game multi player- Emperor games. 3 v 3. Each side had two guards and an ’emperor’ between them. The guards could only attack their opposite guard and emperors could assist either guard. Guards and emperors could not attack the opposing emperor until one of the guards had been eliminated. Honor win requirement was increased to 60. Made for some great fights.

Graftek says:

If we’re discussing the greatest stories in gaming, Swordquest deserves a mention!

lukas kralik says:

Hi to Matt, not exactly video related, but I have send you PM via facebook. Because we are not friends, I suposed it fall to request and not give you any notification. The PM is about your books. I just wander, if you can let me know if you know. Thanks a lot and continue with your great work.

Kenneth Stewart says:

I was wondering if I had missed something with the new L5R game was released this year at Gencon and people were losing their minds over it. Now I wish I had gotten it!

Mr Zonalar says:

i watched 45 minutes and still have no idea about L5R. I have no relationship to these events or games, so they don’t mean anything to me, but I understand what Matt is trying to convey, the feeling of being a part of building and creating a story with a community. And that is really powerful and I love that.
For me, it really helped me to understand what L5R is all about when I watched Gamers 3, because that whole movie is about that. I didn’t know beforehand, but now I see “Oooh! This is the game where they got the idea for the Movie from!” 😀

HeartOfRoleplay HOR says:

can somebody explain to me pls why i dont find his editing at all annoying? there are alot of cuts but it doesnt bother me

Harley Barnes says:

Engaged in the video I missed what Matt said his favorite book is. Anyone catch that?

Patrick Burns says:

Look at the movie: Gamer’s The hand of fate. Matches this store closely.

manticorp monrowe says:

Thank you so much for this video!!! It might be my favorite, because of how much inspirational material was there.

Hank Carver says:

My local gaming store still has a Legend of the Five Rings poster.

Malicious Hero says:

Your comment about the fact certain players joining certain clans reminded me of the second time I got into Magic The Gathering. I went to a pre release event. When you went you “joined a guild”. Everyone there actually behaved as there guild. It was great, I was with the Rakdos (crazy theater murder cult guild) people, and we were probably the loudest, and making fun of everyone else, and there to have fun. The Boros (police / enforcers) players were the ones who were most upset with us. It was great.

TheGamingCabby says:

Bayushi Shoju, Scorpion clan champion, lead a coup against the Imperial Palace and killed Hantei… XXXVIII. They held the capital for 6 days before Shoju was slain and Hantei Sotorii (XXXIX), his son, took back the thrown. In his anger, he disbanded the scorpion clan, and took Shoju’s wife as his concubine. This pissed off a certain Scorpion Shugenja, Yogo Junzo, who decided to open the first black scroll as a way of taking vengeance, letting Fu Leng back into the world and releasing a deadly Wasting Disease which would eventually claim the life of the new Hantei Emperor.

I also haven’t read the books, I DM the tabletop RPG and it should be noted if you like this style of “The things that happen in X game can affect the future of the game”, look into Heroes of Rokugan which is a long running living campaign that works the same way where players actions in different games at conventions and online etc.. change what happens in the future of it. For aspiring DMs there’s around 60 modules on their website to look into for ideas on running stuff.

Mick824 says:

In a funny way, L5R became a Legend.

Pru-Pruh says:

Btw, I am sure someone in the fan base will be able to come up with i multiplayer format for this game just like it happened in Magic.
We now have EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander) which is “fan designed” and WotC eventually adopted and is more widely known as Commander. That usually starts out with 4-5 players and politics are encouraged. There is also Two Headed Giant (2HG) where you play two against two.
I’d be surprised if some brilliant fans doesn’t come up with a multiplayer version of L5R in time.

Erich R says:

Amazing video…great stuff!

Harley Barnes says:

Engaged in the video I missed what Matt said his favorite book is. Anyone catch that?

D Ault says:

Reminds me of the old RPGA Ravens Bluff Campaign for D&D 2ed I wish the new adventure league was run this way.

Trollocs says:

I Love L5R!!! So, I thought you were going to talk about the RPG…

Robin Ottoson says:

You should really check out the miniature game Guild Ball by Steam-forged games! They do a lot of community driven story progression and advances in the game!

SillyIdea says:

This exact concept is why I adored the movie on youtube “The Gamers 3: Hands of Fate” because…well, it’s literally that. A card game where the story is told in tournaments with different victory conditions.

cuddle pod says:

I believe that Warhammer 40K at least nominally has tournament events where the actions and victories of players in those tourneys collectively affect the general background story of 40K (if not the actual rules). Nobody’s really sure if that’s the case, though, or if GW just does what it was always planning to do and papers it over with this cover story.

fredirecko says:

Did anyone else hear “Commies”…..I was like Japanese Communists in a fantasy game? that’s so 80’s…. lol

PewPewLazehs says:

sounds amazing, wish i had known about it back then although i probably woudnt understand it being a kid

BoBwire Neo Zulu says:

Loved this video, my jaw dropped when you revealed that each one of the armies the generals controlled was an actual player.

Antipodeano says:

Dude, your passion is infectious. Loved listening to this!

fredirecko says:


Thurman stevenson says:

I really liked the games story they got it mostly right in the rpg books

Kevin Daily says:

Matt, Your memory is phenomenal. btw thats my name on the Darkest magics card.

Jonatan S says:

League of Legends do change their characters. There are events from time to time ^^ They also have a huge load of Lore articles and stories. I can recommend the channel “Necrit” for the awesome lore ^^

Spencer Black says:

I love the rambling videos, I often start a video then put my phone into on my pocket and practise basketball. Your videos are awesome, keep it up!

Brian Palmer says:

Loved the video, I got into this channel because of the great DM advice but not I just like heading Matt talk about things he’s passionate about. Not to be a back seat comment director, but I would love to see a video like this every few months or so (I feel like the DM advice is so unique and rewarding that I want it to keep being the forefront of the channel) but these always being me great joy.

pentbot says:

I’m curious Matt (or to anyone who is able to answer), how far had the Legend of the Five Rings Saga progressed when your friend told you about the game (and presumably picked it up as a hobby)?

Simply Sviat says:

Man, you are a game writer. You try to inspire people (us) to GM, can we, in return, somehow inspire you to create such a game? 🙂

Warhouse Bard says:

this was like watching The Gamers III a great reminder of how a story I was a part of could be changed by my actions (agency breads investment) I am a Scorpion Clan player and to choose who will play first I shall pick Rock…are you ready to play?

John Pettit says:

I am impressed with how Matthew could remember so many Japanese names and pronounce them without stumbling through this video.  Wow.

Chad Grove says:

There actually was ONE event that had a direct impact on items/play in League of Legends. During the beginning of it’s life League held a tournament asking players to play from either the side of Noxus, a war society that believes all power regardless of it’s forms is what defines strength, and Ionia, a society comprised of islands centered around peace, tradition, and a focus of the mind a spirit. The winner between these two teams would have an item placed into the game from their respective region and is now how we have the item Ionian boots. League has since then failed to do anything like that to my knowledge, but it might be something people are interested in? Regardless great video, I’d never heard of L5R and this was an awesome story, thank you for sharing.

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