The L5R Launch | The Covenant Cast – Episode 31

Zach, Steven, and Ben participate in Legend of the Five Rings launch night at Covenant Tulsa and share their thoughts about the beginning of what should be a wild ride through Rokugan. Zach rediscovers Netrunner, Ben plays Stardew Valley, Steven listens to Japanese bluegrass.

Main Topic: 9:05
Answers & Questions: 40:40

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Raw Kyle says:

I’m holding off on L5R for now. I am really enjoying playing Destiny casually and also catching up on the LoTR LCG. I will see how the first year pans out and they maybe start playing it casually after that.

ジェイムス says:

Those full art champions… just sitting there… The envy is real. I missed having Jonathan around but it was nice mixing things up. Still, I enjoyed the video. Good content as usual. Thanks guys!

Slaitaar says:

I appreciate it takes time, but the L5R matches are fun. Really great to watch. Please consider uploading regular games for a bit – perhaps games at the store? Dunno – just more! 🙂

Luiz Gustavo Bretas says:

Thank you for videos! Reminded me learning Thrones listen to your chapter pack reviews! Very insightfull.

Victor Reutermo says:

#askcovenant Is there any specific pitfall that L5R should look out for in the future for it to prosper? I really liked Doomtown and it was a shame to see it fail to really establish itself and they are far from the only card game that have met that fate. Does every game fail in their own way or is there any specific lesson to learn from them?

lefty8957 says:

Dude, Ben, Stardew Valley. I’m so hooked.

Tor Lumnitor says:

13:42 now I need to here that parody.

Computer Controlled says:

Great again. Super excited by the Netrunner videos being mentioned.

Simon Swan says:

Netrunner tutorial, WHHHAAAAA????? You guys have really hit your stride with content recently, awesome work!

Marcelo Silveira says:

@31:24 in L5A the Crab “fight the other clans” because crane are morons, the Crane started the first internal war of Rokugan because they wanted to take some lands of the Crab, and the Crab barely have enough lands to feed themselves, and since they see themselves as the most important Clan of the Empire because they are the ones stopping the Empire from falling to the Shadow Lands, they got really pissed with that, and now, some times, they go into a tantrum and start expanding their borders to feed themselves. They specially like to pick fights with the Cranes because of their bad history

Artemius says:

Ben has done a great job. Waiting for the Netrunner tutorial now )

Gates Dowd says:


Matt Dickson says:

I’d like to see different Strongholds, for options in that arena.

Jason Hamer says:

So what I would like to see from the first year of L5R: To bring in multiplayer, the cards are already worded cleverly so would be good to see how they bring this in. More themes to the dynasty decks, the first focuses on keeper/seeker roles, I would like to see others that focus on the Kami, others on parts of the game-world (such as the Imperial court, the wall etc) and others on one of the 3 families in each clan (A deck that focuses on say Kakita, Mirumoto Ikoma etc).

Charlie P says:

I played the original L5R since its release in 1995 and I still love it. What FFG did with the new iteration of the game though is nothing short of fantastic. I cannot wait to start hitting the tournament scene. I highly recommend that you read the Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi if you haven’t already. You will not be disappointed. Keep up the great work! Phoenix all the way!!

Outriderjon says:

Hi guys, thanks for the great show. I’m a long time L5R player (since its original release) and I love what I’ve seen so far from FFG. I’m also new to you guys and really like what I’ve seen so far.
#askcovenant Do you think FFG will have a difficult time maintaining clan balance with seven clans while keeping them all with a distinct playstyle?
There was a problem in the CCG with one or two clans dominating the tournament scene at any one time. This really affected the storyline sometimes.

Raymundo Perez says:

#askcovenant do you have a link to the deck list, or any suggestions? Thank you for uploading the L5R videos best production on youtube, I look forward to these #L5R game videos you’ve all done.

Bradly White says:

Enlightenment is understanding one’s self…Knowledge is understanding the world around you. Phoenix and Dragon are very different philosophies. Both my first choice as well.

TristamWolf says:

#askcovenant You have all talked about Organized Play quite a bit and how the L5R Organized Play could very possibly become something more than just winning or losing. Already, with the new OP announcement earlier today, we’re seeing some more ways that there will be a focus on the individual clans and how player performance and actions at clans will have an effect on the game and the events over time. Do you think this is a good place to start, or do you think there should be more done to reward/encourage clan loyalty and to be more welcoming to players who may not be as competetive? For example, I heard about a player at Gencon who brought a small gift for the players with the worst record in each clan who remained after the last round of the Kiku Matsuri. Should FFG consider something like this or perhaps a special reward for the most or least played clan at a given event?

Allen Jones says:

#AskCovenant Over the next year FFG has announced that t the Kotei and Grand Kotei level events, participation by all players in the swiss rounds will be recorded and used to help determine the story line effects that will transpire. I hope we are going to also be given the data as players so we can see how the meta/clans are shaping up as the year progresses. Return Question: What are your thoughts on this approach to Organized Play? Will this help enhance the experience for all players knowing that every round they play matters regardless of their win loss record, and help prevents drops?

Marcelo Silveira says:

damn, it came out, I was going to get ionto the preorder list 12th october =/

Jake Kroker says:

I am hoping to see from the first year a real focus on the 7 Great Clans and FFG to put their stamp on L5R as their own game. No rush to introduce Mantis, Scorpion Clan Coup, any of the old story line but pave their own way.

ChromeDrakeGaming says:

Crab tend to fight with the other clans due to resource shortages (they exist in a rather inhospitable area of Rokugan, with fish forming the bulk of their diet), and a deep rooted ‘disgruntlement’ that the other clans don’t pull their weight in defence of the wall. So while they don’t fight often, skirmishing can be fairly regular when disagreements are involved. Plus due to how utilitarian the Crab are, the other clans tend to look down on them as being ‘boorish’ and uncultured with the threats of Shadowlands being a distant concern that doesn’t trouble them, so why care?

Finally other clans are responsible for helping in defence of the wall, however when they send bodies to do tours of duty many clans either send trouble makers to get them out of the way, or very green warriors that in the Crab’s estimation can’t pull their weight and are a useless mouth to feed. It’s a shaky situation.

Grimmlocked says:

Crab people!!!!!
Defend your lands, support your brothers if it costs you your life.

Stuart Burns says:

I got burned pretty bad when I played Conquest and the license kapoofed, but thankfully FFG owns the rights to L5R so I don’t have to worry about that happening. Within the first year I would like to see them open up two or three viable ways for each clan to be played. It’s okay if one way is more efficient, as long as there is viability. I’ve played too many card games where the developers have introduced an interesting mechanic only for it to end up being too gimmicky to be feasible and it falls to the wayside as a “for fun” deck. Which there is nothing wrong with “for fun” decks — I just think it would be interesting to be able to go to a tournament, see the clan your opponent is playing, and having to wonder what he’s going to be doing.

I would like to play Phoenix.

It would be interesting later on down the road if they found ways to integrate some of the Minor Clans, or perhaps even restore Mantis from a Minor Clan back to a Major.

phulcrum says:

I played L5R for about eight hours when it released on Thursday and I’m going to two launch events this weekend. I’m in love with the game. I started playing Netrunner late into the game and it was very overwhelming to try to collect the old data packs and keep up with the meta while I was still learning to play. It’s great to be able to get into L5R on the ground floor. Also, it’s much easier on my wallet to buy one pack per month to keep up with L5R instead of having to buy 2-4 packs per month to catch up in Netrunner.

As far as limiting the amount of cards for a deck I like the Netrunner 1:1:1 format players put together where you make a deck from a core set, one deluxe box and one data pack.

DziobatyDziobak says:


Stuart George says:

“funnest” ? is this 5 year olds a Trumpism for ‘most fun’ ?

Stuart Burns says:

These podcasts helped me drive through Kentucky. Thanks.

Ed Ostling says:

Oddly enough multi core encourages clan loyal folks in the same town works out fairly well if your intended splash are different. Here in Tucson we have an robust old5r community, enough to have brought 10 of us to gencon to play nu5r. So splitting a single core until release was an option for us to try multi core builds.

Until the next Utz/Banzai

Anesthesia Cat says:

Just got my cores from you guys this morning! So satisfied finally having these cardboards ^^ (Also the sakura tokens are ver nice thanks for those)

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